At the end of the world, a devoted couple live in an imaginary bubble inside their camper van, but only one of them knows it. With her entering the early onset of dementia, he struggles to keep them alive without revealing the horrific reality outside.

  • Project Type:
    Short Script
  • Genres:
    Drama, Dystopia, Psychological
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  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography

Brad is a Screenwriter based in the South West of England. He is a graduate with distinction of Falmouth University's MA Writing for Script and Screen programme. Brad earned his writing chops at the BBC, scripting and directing promos across network. Since then he’s worked as a freelance writer across multiple industries and gained a reputation for his offbeat approach to drama, winning a Cannes Lion award for short-form content. Focussing on dramatic scripts with a thread of dark humour, Brad’s writing ranges from intriguingly different to downright peculiar. He is a regular contributor to The Script Department blog and podcast.

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Writer Statement

Losing your mind can feel like the end of the world - especially when the world is ending.

'Going' is a post-apocalyptic, drama short that takes a unique look at the fall out of early-onset dementia. Part road movie, part dystopian survival, part domestic drama.

Facing into the taboos of impaired brain function 'Going' challenges the narratives that dementia is exclusively an elderly impairment and that life is over once someone is diagnosed.

The film intimately explores the relationship between life partners coping with the heartbreaking nature of mental decline, set against the haunting backdrop of a global holocaust.