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In Rome, a boy named Lorenzo sells underwear, in Campo dei fiori, when he takes the car in which he lives to move away towards the suburbs, he meets a woman who is hitchhiking. He takes her up, her name is Dresden, but shortly after he discovers that the woman is a wounded robber and holds him hostage with a gun. She forces him to take her to his gang's meeting point, hoping that her boss will assure her of care. On their way, however, they will encounter many unforeseen events, a flat wheel, a rear-end collision, running out of petrol and another member of the gang who shows up again. In all of this, however, Dresden brings the loot with her, a sack full of money, but she's not the only one who aims to take the entire loot home...

  • Francesco Massari
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  • Assocorsodoc
    February 21, 2019
    Best screenplay
Writer Biography - Francesco Massari

Francesco Massari, born in bologna on 5 12 2004, he studied at the film and documentary school "CORSO DOC" in Bologna.

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Writer Statement

I studied cinema and documentary at Corso Doc in Bologna, I directed many amateur short films, "Adios Baby", "Io", "Strade polverose", (The first is also available on youtube), in 2020 I worked as a videomaker and technical assistant for an itinerant radio around Emilia Romagna (Radio Immaginaria), I participated in the screenplay of the docufilm "UNO BIANCA AIMARE ALLO STATO", of the docufilm "ITALICUS-verità negata", of the film still in production on the children of Satan. I wrote the screenplay for a TV commercial about the Donna-Sofi pizzeria in Casalecchio. I won the best screenplay with "The case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" at the Assocorsodoc 2021 competition.
I won the best review contest to participate in the Venezia Giovani jury, for the award of the golden "little lion".