Gods & Dust

2056: The lunar city of New Temecula — The first child of the moon is born with horrible deformities and when his miner father discovers the original building block of the entire universe, believes he can heal his gifted-son with his newfound powers. But becoming a God holds unexpected consequences for everyone.

  • Bob Yothers
    Whispering Wood, Cry Me an Ocean, The Children's Train, My Racing Heart, The Once Removed, The Fosters
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Writer Biography - Bob Yothers

A native of central Ohio, Bob, traveled to Los Angeles in the late-90’s with the proverbial ‘suitcase full of dreams.’ With varying degrees of success he worked in and around Hollywood as a graphic designer, director and award-winning screenwriter demonstrating again and again his passion for the art of film.

More recently he has traveled throughout Europe shooting promotional videos for various American Study Abroad programs and taught filmmaking as well as cinema marketing at a top international business school in Paris.

Currently he is teaching screenwriting and pre-visualization at university in Amsterdam and is writing screenplays and producing short-projects for Netflix consideration.

To date, his films and screenplays have been invited to over two dozen film festivals around the globe. Bob strives to not only make his films entertaining, but to explore, uplift and celebrate the human spirit.

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Writer Statement

This ambitious story has been rattling around inside my pea-sized brain for many years!

I started it several times, thought of it often and it wasn't until this year that I thought that I had enough writing skill and maturity to do it justice. I'm so very glad to share it with you and so proud of myself for letting the story unfold and reveal itself when IT was ready. I hope you enjoy it.