Submit your short film on mental health and help break the stigma. We collaborate with a variety of psychologists, psychiatrists and many other professionals in this field to create a space where creativity, filmmaking and professional evaluation come together to help foster empathy and change the depiction of mental health conditions in film.

1. Submission Deadline is February 14, 2021
2. Submission must be done via

1. All genres are welcome
2. Submission MUST contain a written director's statement explaining the relevance to the topic of mental health. Otherwise the film will not be considered. (Minimum number of words: 40-300)
3. Short Biographie (40-300 Words)
4. Synopsis
5. Maximum length 25 minutes (24/25 frames per second)
6. Formats must be high quality - HD 720p or above
7. English subtitles are required (even if the original language is English)
8. Central theme should relate to mental health conditions
9. No promotional films

The organizers will appoint a selection committee that will be in charge of the final selection for the competition. The committee will consist of both film experts and psychologists and psychiatrists.
1. Final selection screenings from March to April
2. Entrants will be notified of the selection results no later than April 30th.

1. The films will be screened online therefore it is not necessary to upload a cinema screening format.
2. Go Mental! is authorized to use a short excerpt (max. 2 minutes) of the film for marketing purposes of any kind.
3. All film and music rights and clearances must have been obtained by the filmmakers (in accordance with copyright laws)
4. You cannot withdraw your film from Go Mental! after selection by the Go Mental!-selection committee.

1. Director's statement in video form (1 to 2 min. max.) for screening purposes (This can be submitted after selection)

Several screenings of the film festival will take place online from May, 21st up until May, 23rd.

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to write an email to
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