Go Goergy Go

The vegan wolf, the sole heir of "Gorgoran" castle, is an unsuccessful writer that tries to become a great one, but he has to do his ancestor ghost orders to destroy their clever neighbor (goats) house, otherwise the soul of a wandering grandfather would not leave him never .

  • Saeid Tarkhani
  • Ehsan Taheri
  • Mehdi Abouhashem
  • Saeid Tarkhani
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    12 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    November 1, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    10,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Language:
    English, Persian, Urdu
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Distribution Information
  • Samapictures
    Country: France
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography - Saeid Tarkhani, Ehsan Taheri

Saeid Tarkhani,born in 1977,Tehran

He entered into the field of producing feature and short animations in 1999.
Two years later, he created his first film (the last apple) as a director.
“the last apple” was present in Tehran animation film festival and in television animation festival “jame jam” ,it was one of the selected candidates of festival’s selection committee.

From then until now, he’s working in the field of filmmaking especially animation film and now he’s working as a producer, director and CEO of the art institute “TakamFilm” . he has collaborated on several projects in his career:

1-Painting and editing of “stories of the prophets”(prophet Ibrahim ,prophet Nooh ,prophet Saleh),13-episodes series of giants of magic lamp(directed by B.Yaghmaeian)
2-Editing of 13-episods series ”Iran celebrities” and 13-episodes series ”Earth is not alone”(directed by B.Yaghmaeian)
3-Editing and composite of 52-episodes series ”the wonderful world of hamid”(awarded in Television festival) (directed by B.Yaghmaeian)
4-Editing of 13-episodes series “ancient stories”(directed by A.Kavian rad)
5-Composite and video editing of “ martyrdom poetry”(directed by H.Mirbagheri)
6-Composite and editing one episode program”sardare kheibar”
7-Composite the animation “like daddy’s eyes” with the duration of 17 minutes
8- Composite the animation “gentle hands” with the duration of 17 minutes
9- Composite the animation “ashouraeian” with the duration of 80 minutes
10-Editing and sound the animation “peep show” (directed by A.Kavian rad)
And these are the products that are designed and provided by him:

1-Directing the animation “last apple” with the format of one episode and 17 minutes

2-Producing and directing the animation “the land of olives” with the format of one episode and 7 minutes

3-Directing the animation “ social Comics” with the format of 16 episodes and 1 minute

4-Directing the animation “ Tickle” with the format of 60 parts and 40 seconds

5- Directing the animation “ Mr.Shah” with the format of 10 episodes and 10 minutes

6- Directing the animation “ the painter and the bird ” with the format of one episode and 7 minutes

7- Directing the animation “ the adventures of the Koochooloo ” with the format of 13 episodes and 10 minutes

8- Directing the animation “ The Crazy goose ” with the format of 240 episodes and 10 seconds

9- Directing the animation “ Bam Bam ” with the format of 100 episodes and 10 seconds

10-Short animations “prophet of kindness1,2”each of them with the duration 63 seconds

11-Producing and directing 105-episodes series of “the treasure” with the format of 105 episodes and one minute

12-Teaser animation of hijab and chastity festival called “light”

13-The comic animated series “revolution memories” with the format of 10 episodes and 4 minutes

14-Animation series “Command and Comander”

15-Program “ the election” with the duration of 3 minutes

16-Animation series “the adventures of Mirza Jan” with the format of 16 episodes and 15 minutes

Tarkhani is now working on following productions in “TakamFilm” art institute:
1-The animation series “a thousand road of misery” with the format of 90 episodes and 3 minutes

2-One episode animation “ The sounds we can’t hear” with the duration of 10 minutes

3-The video animation “Najaf story” with the duration of 5 minutes

4-The 30-episode series “sa’di journeys” with the duration of 600 minutes

5-The 40-episodes series “ gorgor and goats” with the duration of 400 minutes

6-Video game “the lost piece”

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