Running October 2021, GlobeScreen Shorts Festival welcomes submissions from short filmmakers around the world. 6 films will be accepted for the festival. Participating directors will have the opportunity to win one of four awards in the 2nd year of the festival - 'best short', 'cinematography', ' sound', & 'editing'. Learn more on:

Gabrielle Stewart, Managing Director, HanWay Films
Danny Leigh, Chief Film Critic, Financial Times

No exceptions beyond the above date. Thank you.





- £10: Submission fee.

- Each submitting short should be a maximum of 20 minutes in length. If you're unable to honour this length in your finished cut, please re-edit to the approved running time of this fest.

- Each qualifying film should be a narrative short - (i.e not a documentary or experimental project). Each submission may have sound (or no dialogue/sound), and be presented in either black & white or colour.

- Due to time constraints with our industry jury, please upload a 'digital screener' of your short, for consideration and provide a Vimeo link of the project, for access by our festival team and jury. If you are unable to provide a screener via Vimeo, please contact the festival for further guidance.

- Each short does not have to be a 'world premiere' (i.e previously not in competition or exhibited at any film festival, at any date prior to October 2021). However the short must not have been broadcast (or in any way distributed commercially to the viewing public) prior to submission to GlobeScreen Shorts. Contact the festival for further guidance if you're unsure what would classify as commercial exploitation/distribution of a short.

- Each submitting filmmaker hereby warrants and guarantees that they legally own all copyrights to their work and the work of others, when submitting projects to GlobeScreen.

- If selected, participating filmmakers hereby also warrant and confirm that they, or their Producer(s), at their own expense, can provide a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) print of their entry, capable of digital projection.

- Selected filmmakers will be required to submit a bio, headshot, trailer, one sheet poster and director statement, accompanying their submission. Initial submissions may choose to include a trailer & poster, with their entry, although this is not mandatory.

- Non-English language films are permitted but must include subtitles in the final edit.

- GlobeScreen cannot provide any travel grants or stipends to filmmaker finalists, traveling to London, UK, for the festival. No exceptions! Sorry :(

- For our full Rules & Terms, governing this festival, please visit our website:

Good luck and see you in London in October 2021.

Overall Rating
  • Bina Film

    Thank you so much GlobeScreen for making our film SLOTS a finalist in London. a wonderfully run festival in a beautiful location showing amazing short films Great judges with a fantastic Q&A, really friendly atmosphere. Can't recommend it enough!

    November 2021