The tve Global Sustainability Films Awards (GSFA) recognises outstanding films from the business, non-profit, media and creative sectors that inspire audiences with real-world solutions for a more sustainable future. Now in its 12th year, the awards promote powerful, effective storytelling that helps contribute to the building of a more just and sustainable future.

tve is a UK-registered charity founded by the United Nations Environment Programme, WWF-UK, and Central Television (now part of ITV) in 1984. Our mission is to use the power of storytelling to drive real world change for a more sustainable future keeping the crucial UN Sustainable Development Goals in mind.

The environmental crisis facing the world is as much a communications problem as a scientific one. We believe film can be a powerful tool for helping raise awareness, shift public opinion, and inspire action to protect our planet and transform our societies.

The GSFA is both a film awards and a sustainability awards. It is unique because entries are judged on the power of their storytelling and creativity, as well as on the credibility and impact of their content.

Submissions are welcome from businesses and organizations, as well as filmmakers, creatives and other storytellers from all around the world as long as the films focus on delivering sustainable solutions that are relevant in today’s context. Key lessons learnt from the winning films are made publicly available to encourage the sharing of sustainable solutions and impact-driven film communications for the planet.

The tve Global Sustainability Film Awards 2023 recognises filmmaking that focuses on environmental solutions and inspires audiences to to take action in support of a more just and sustainable future. Film submissions should fit into one of the following award categories, aimed at a wide variety of film genres including short films from companies, NGOs and creative organizations/individuals, video news stories, documentaries, and a nominated category for a feature film on sustainability. Detailed descriptions of each category can be found under the Categories & Entry Fees section below.


Competitive Award Categories:
Young Filmmaker Short Film Award
Women/Girls In Sustainability: Global Perspectives Short Film Award
Transforming Society Short Film Award
Greener Living Short Film Award
ESG in Business Short Film Award
Documentary Impact Award

Nominated Category:
Founder's Award: Sustainability on the Big Screen


The tve Global Sustainability Film Awards follows a rigorous and transparent selection process. After the Call for Entries closes on the 15th of September 2023, films entered under each of the categories that meet the submission criteria will be sent to their respective Shortlisting Panel. This panel would carry out the first level of judging, choosing a shortlist of films under each of the nine competitive categories. The shortlists will be announced on the 13th of October, 2023. A Final Judging Panel will evaluate all the shortlisted entries and choose the winning films for each of the categories. The final winners will be announced at a Awards Ceremony event presented by tve Global Sustainability Film Awards in London on the 2nd of November 2023.

The Shortlisting Panels and the Final Judging Panel comprise prominent individuals from the sustainability, film and communication sectors. Their decisions will be final and binding to all.


The Shortlisting Panels and the Final Judging Panel will evaluate the entries on the following five criteria:

Sustainability Relevance: Does the film address a relevant sustainable development goal and effectively depict a relevant solution?

Creative Execution: How effective was the creative and technical execution of entered films, considering elements such as visual style, structure, camerawork and story narration?

Engagement: How effective overall was the film’s storytelling in engaging the target audience and using the medium’s potential to the fullest?

Credibility: Do the solutions and/or initiatives depicted reflect credible sustainability solutions and how significant is their potential for driving change?

Impact: Did the film effectively deliver its message to its target audience and did it achieve its intended impact, for example changing behaviour, shifting opinions, or driving action?

The tve Global Film Sustainability Awards have clearly defined Eligibility Criteria and Rules & Terms.


• The tve Global Film Sustainability Awards is a competition that is open to any company, organisation or individual in any country.
• To be eligible for the tve Global Film Sustainability Award 2023 (GSFA 2023), all entered films must be original and creative productions by or about the participating organization.
• It is the responsibility of all filmmakers submitting titles for inclusion in the tve Global Sustainability Awards to ensure that they have received clearance from the rights holders of all archive film, stills and music used in the film. tve will not be responsible for any rights not cleared in the films that are screened as part of the tve Global Sustainability Awards.
• To be eligible for GSFA 2023 all entered films must be made between the period September 1, 2020 and 15 September, 2023.
• All films must be entered for one of the 6 competitive categories along with the entry fee which are specified in the Categories and Entry Fee section. Entries are eligible for the GSFA 2023 only if entered through the FilmFreeway website along with submission of the online Entry Form and payment of the specified Entry Fee.
• Films entered for all short award categories should not be of more than 25 minutes duration except for the entries for the Documentary Impact Award category, which is open to feature or broadcast documentaries of at least 25 minutes and a maximum of 100 minutes. A variation in the duration of the film of up to 20 mins for the Documentary Impact Award category could be considered by the Awards Team on a special request by the submitter.
• Entries can only be submitted in English. Films originally made in other languages must be subtitled or dubbed into English. Dialogue lists are not acceptable.
• Films that have had private, unpublicized screenings are also eligible for submission.
• Entries for the GSFA 2023 close at 11:59 pm BST on Friday 15th September, 2023.
• A film that has been shortlisted or disqualified in a previous year for the GSFA cannot be resubmitted this year.


• All films entered for the tve Global Sustainability Film Awards 2023 (GSFA 2023) must be cleared for tve’s use in association with the Global Sustainability Film Awards (GSFA). If submitted films containing copyrighted or trademarked materials are included, you must have written permission for their use. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure their submission does not infringe the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity, intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity, or otherwise be unlawful.
• Entries for the GSFA 2023, along with the entry fees, payment must be made through the FilmFreeway website. Any entries not submitted through FilmFreeway, or where the entry fees are not received or the documentation is incomplete or incorrect, may be disqualified. It is the responsibility of the entrants to ensure that their submission meets all the requirements and that all necessary information is provided via their FilmFreeway account.
• If the film entered does not meet the submission criteria for its respective category, it may be disqualified at the discretion of the award organisers.
• By entering the Awards, you grant to tve, our licensees and affiliates a worldwide royalty-free, non-exclusive right to record, edit, use, reproduce, screen and distribute, in association with the tve Global Sustainability Film Awards, extracts of up to 3 minutes duration in the following media: film, television, online, electronic or by any other means currently known or yet to be devised. Such right will be limited to use in connection with the tve Global Sustainability Film Awards (either in 2023 or in the future).
• By entering the awards, you grant to tve, our licensees and affiliates the world-wide royalty-free, non-exclusive right to use excerpts of up to 3 minutes of the submitted film, its stills, and trailers, for the purposes of publicity and marketing of the film at the 2023 awards, and for other non-commercial uses related to the delivery and promotion of the awards. You hereby agree to indemnify tve, in the event that such rights have not been properly transferred.
• By agreeing to these terms, you grant tve the right to share submissions with judging panels, delegates, media and other constituencies associated with and participating in GSFA 2023.
• The evaluation and decision of the shortlisting panels and the final judging panel will be final and binding for all participants.
• Entry fees once paid are not refundable. Refunds will not be granted for films that are disqualified due to failure to meet the submission criteria or withdrawn by the submitter.
• The organizers are entitled without liability to change the rules and terms of the competition during any stage or cancel the awards.
• The competition is governed by and subject to the laws of England and Wales. The decisions of tve are final and binding in all discretionary matters relating to this competition.
• By submitting an entry, participants agree that they have read, understood, and agreed to the rules and terms of the GSFA 2023 and that the information supplied to tve in relation to their film is correct.

Overall Rating
  • Carmen Diaz

    We are grateful that RCBC's sustainability efforts are being recognized globally. Being shortlisted to 3 out of 90 films in the "Financing Sustainability Short Film Awards" category is an honor and a privilege.

    December 2021
  • It was wonderful for me to be involved and i was delighted to be shortlisted. Thank you! :)

    December 2021
  • Vinay Thakur

    Great festival, Highly recommended, Lot of high quality films

    December 2021
  • Carl Eneroth

    A simply wonderful festival. So glad to have been awarded jury's special mention for my climate documentary Day Zero - Exploring solutions before systems collapse. I really liked meeting up at BAFTA Hall. Join it.

    December 2021