An Online Music Festival featuring ALL Genres of Dance & Music of the Past & Present by Talented Artists from around the world.

Each Online Music Festival will last for 1 week, which would give any entry unlimited viewings for that duration of time. This will also allow for viewers to adjust there schedule accordingly, to be able to watch these Talented Artists from the comfort of their homes, during public transportaion, in the office, etc…..

The focus of this festival is to give all entries from Dance to Music, the opportunity to showcase their talents and to have unlimited outlets to connect with new colleagues in the industry, as well as grow their fan base on social media from around the world.

This event is not about who is the best performer, it's about passionate Artists/Professionals, to whom deserves to have a platform that showcases their talents (From The Past & Present) without all the rules and regulations. It's about giving more opportunities to those that have a chance to entertain all of us from around the world.

Artists put their heart and soul into their work and constantly get overlooked. This platform allows their talents to be seen on a global scale. Passion is not something to be judged, but someting to be admired and appreciated.

All Festival Participants Profiles will be available to all site vistors by going to the GTC Industry Directory There you will be able to FOLLOW, CONNECT, BOOK OR JUST LEARN MORE ABOUT THESE TALENTED ARTISTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD

Anyone can attend this event for “FREE” right from the comfort of their home!

NO Purchased Tickets - NO Looking For Places To Stand - NO Crowds - NO SMOKE (Unless/LOL) - AND - NO Expensive Food or Beverages.

- Festival will run for 1 Week
- There are no slot times. Videos will be compliled into a playlist in alphabetical order. This will allow every and each video submission, unlimited amount of views.
- No live performances, this is showcasing your best Music Video and Best Dance Video.
- Music Videos must be no more than 5 minutes long.
- Dance Music Videos must be no more than 10 minutes long
- Provide Genres of Music or Dance
- Please make sure video and sound quality is professionally mastered.
**NO Static - NO - Feedback- NO CELL PHONE VIDEOS**
- Participants must provide a performance or profile Picture of Artist, Band, Group, etc.. so the GTC Team can create your Festival posters that will be seen at the stadium Entrance as well on the stadium stage for added marketing.
- Participants must also provide an Artist, Band or Group Logo (ONLY IF AVAILABLE)
- Once you receive notice that your submission has been accepted:
We ask that all festival participants create your *FREE* GTC Profile on the GTC Industry Directory. This is a very valuable tool for the entire Arts & Entertainment industry, to which all site vistors, present and future members will be able to FOLLOW, CONNECT, BOOK OR JUST LEARN MORE ABOUT YOU
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