Ischia Global Film Festival takes place on the Isle of Ischia, a few miles off Naples and Capri, Italy since 2003. It’s the most popular summer film event in the world with Italian and international screenings, attended by the leaders and top performers in the entertainment and communications industries as well as some of the most celebrated luminaries of the global stage.
Ischia Global Festival is a week of major film premieres, timely panels and symposium and awards ceremonies that will be attended by numerous industry executives, filmmakers and international journalists. In addition, some of the most recognized International talents and Italian artists attend the industry events and get-togethers with their European and American counterparts.

During and after the event, the Academy Scientific Board will bestow the following awards:
Ischia Film European of The Year Award; Ischia Global Award – Director of the Year; Ischia Rising Star Award; Ischia Global Art Award; Ischia Producer of The Year Award;
Ischia King of Comedy Award; Ischia Prince of Comedy - Carlo Vanzina Award; Ischia Italian Actor of the Year Award; Ischia Italian Worldwide Award; Ischia Working-Boy Award; Ischia Filmaker of the Year Award; Ischia Breakout Director of the Year; Ischia Breakout Actor Award; Ischia Breakout Actress Award; Ischia Exploit Award; Ischia Newcomer Award; Ischia People Award; Ischia Art Award; Ischia Fiction Award; Ischia Best Documentary Award; Ischia Best Short Award

1) Ischia Global Film Festival will be held physically and online
2) The activities of Ischia Special Challenge 2023 are divided into two sections:
- W il cinema d'estate: A selection of unreleased national feature, documentary and short films or that will be premiered or weredistributed in movie theatres and/or platforms on streaming from September 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023
- Finestra sul mondo: A selection of unreleased feature, documentary, and short films from all over the world or which will be premiered or were distributed in movie theatres and/or platforms from September 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023.
3) The submitted movies hasn't competed in any other Local Festival. In any case, the Organizing Committee will not pay ANY FEES to the rights owners of any movie selected for the competition.
In order to be admitted to Ischia Special Challenge, all movie rights owners must agree to and accept the following conditions:
- The movies will be available to the global public ONLY via streaming on Ischia Global Film Festival 2023 media-partner websites MY MOVIES (one of the most qualified and popular European movie sites - and EVENTIVE.ORG. In very exceptional cases, the Festival Board can decide to screen some movies also in Ischia theatres physically.
- The selection at the Festival doesn't include any kind of hospitality
- The screening of the movies will be totally free of charge to all the viewer
4) The list of films selected will be communicated by email to the participants.
5) The works are exclusively and unquestionably selected by the Scientific Board of Ischia International Arts Academy with the support of international luminaries who are chosen by the Academy’s panel and who provide full support to the event.
6) Italian works that have aroused international interest will be presented to the Scientific Academy and the audience with English subtitles.
7) Foreign films will be presented in their original version and with Italian subtitles.
8) The copies of the selected films to be screened in the platforms must be in mov or mp4 file format with .srt file attached containing English or Italian subtitles and be received by the General Office of the Festival by email not later than July 5, 2023, in compliance with the instructions provided by the Planning Department.
9) The copies of the selected films to be screened in the theatres must be in DCP format and be received by the General Office of the Festival, in Rome, not later than July 1, 2023, in compliance with the instructions provided by the Planning Department. Any shipping costs of the selected films are charged to the participants. The shipping from, non-EU countries, must be accompanied by the item "no commercial value - for cultural purpose only ". Film copies will be returned to their owners no later than July 30, 2023.
10) Together with a copy of the film, the Festival should be received a press book with the technical and artistic information of the film, photos, and trailer, that the Festival can be published on the website and on the social network of the event.
11) A brochure will be published with general information about the program.
12) The screenings’ calendar and timetable will be made known by the Festival Management no later than July 7, 2023. The Festival organization is not responsible for any changes due to unexpected reasons (climate conditions, technical issues, artists’ attendance at the festival, etc.). The official program will be printed and made available by the Festival Management which will provide information about any unexpected changes on the website
13) At the conclusion of the Festival, the director of the winning films in each Category (Feature, Medium, and Short) will be honored by Ischia Special Challenge Board with special recognition.
14) All the works will be insured against any type of risk that may cause damage to the copies, including their loss or theft. The insurance policy is entered by Accademia Internazionale Arte Ischia and covers the period during which the properties are in possession of the Festival. In case a copy is lost or damaged, the responsibility of the Festival will be limited to the value of its reprint according to current Italian fees.
15) The works presented in Ischia will be selected and assessed according to the unquestionable judgment of the Academy Scientific Board.
16) The Scientific Board has the competence and right to assess the works and award them.
17) Applications filed with the aim of taking part in the Special Challenge Contest imply full acceptance of the present regulations.