Give Him Time

Liam, a smalltime rural farmer. Doesn't have the emotional capacity to express his disappointment and resentment towards his daughter Kelly, who is at the center of a village scandal. When she tries to reach out the olive branch, he can't help but want to sweep things under the carpet by defaulting to his angry “I don't want to talk about it” mode. Cut from the same stubborn cloth this acts as a trigger for Kelly, as most conversations seem to end in them giving each other cutting jibes. Their constant avoidance of the issue means that nothing ever gets resolved and their frustration grows.
Kelly however, is an innocent party caught up in the whole affair. To take herself out of the equation, she has decided to move to England so that she can put everything behind her and move on with her life. As much as Liam knows that this is the right thing to do for her, he genuinely tries to protect her by keeping things from her that he shouldn't have, he inevitably makes decisions that are not his to make and are now irreversible.
Things come to a head when by chance Kelly meets the other person responsible for the scandal. Just as she was starting to believe that he was genuine he tries to bluff his way out of it giving her the chance to vent her frustration at him. She finally gets to patch things up with her father when she eventually breaks-down in front of him and he is reminded that she is still his little girl.

  • Danny McCafferty
  • Danny McCafferty
  • Orla Clancy
  • Lee Crowley
  • Pat Shortt
    Key Cast
  • Faye Shortt
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    12 minutes 44 seconds
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Florence Film Awards
    January 20, 2022
    Best Drama
Director Biography - Danny McCafferty

Danny directed for the first time when studying TV Production. With everyone focused on camera or sound, this freed Danny to direct all their student projects culminating in him winning his first award SMEDIA for Beans at the National Student Media Awards. The short was screened at the Galway Film Festival later that year.
After his study's, he quickly discovered that there was no clear path to becoming a director. Impossible to get work without a proven track record, he opted to become an Assistant Director. This offered him a chance to work closely with and study numerous directors firsthand, arguing that he learned as many valuable lessons in 'how not to' form some directors as he did 'how to' from others.
After several years of frustration from a lack of creativity, Danny walked away to concentrate on his other passion, writing and embarked on an MA in Screenwriting at the Huston Film School. Confident he now knew what kind of story's he wanted to tell, and armed with the tools from his AD days, Danny wrote and directed his first short OLD FIRM DAY, which won Best Story and Drama at the Inaugural Shot by the Sea Short Film Festival. This was followed up by Tyre Kickers which was screened at several festivals both nationally and internationally.

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Director Statement

Give it Time is a story that aims to lay the Irish psyche bare for all to see. Sweeping things under the carpet or burying them deep inside, hoping that they will work themselves out is just something that we do, especially Liam's generation. Even though he is genuinely driven by the desire to do the right thing, he would much prefer to burden himself rather than make someone else feel obligated. Trying to spare someone can often get confused with trying to protecting them, they are not the same thing.
Give It Time will explore the devastation a local scandal can have on a rural family in a small close-nit Irish village. Rather than focusing solely on the daughter involved, it will widen the scope and delve into how this would also effect the parents. Particularly an old-school father who doesn't even understand what revenge porn is. He just can't look past the fact that his daughter would be stupid enough to do it in the first place. You could also argue that he resents the fact that it was ok for her, she could just pack her bags an leave. They are the one's left with no choice but to face the shame and embarrassment.