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Gita Boy

In Ibadan, Nigeria’s 1960’s Bodija resides 13-year-old OBAFEMI ADIO who happen upon Juju music while he was on a hawking trip to the night club in his neighborhood. Oba now in his 40s in early 2000s narrates to a journalist, LOLA ROBINSON (30s) his grass to grace story of how he found, and fell in love with Juju music, and learned from his mentor, AYINDE SHANKO, (20s), and struggled to pursue his dream because his carpenter father, MUSILIU ADIO believes Oba should concentrate on the family profession.
When OBAFEMI ADIO popularly called Oba stopped at the entrance of a popular night club (IBADAN NIGHT CLUB) to hawk his tray of confectionaries to the guests at the club, he chased after AYINDE SHANKO of AYINDE AND THE LOCAL CHAMPION BAND, to return his forgotten change after selling a park cigarette to the band leader. Oba entered the club for the first time and discovered a world unknown to him, he became fascinated with this world that led to distractions that cost him punishments from his father and stepmother because he would lose track of time or lose money from his confectionary sales. Oba would later embark on an unplanned journey when his curiosity got the better of him one day while the band was preparing for a multi city tour. Oba noticed the band’s tour bus and decided to explore it, he touched the equipment, his favorite was the guitar he had watched his favorite band leader pluck strings from many times. Oba hid under a seat at the back when he heard the band members approach the bus. He was eventually discovered on the bus but the bus was far away from town. Oba worked his way into the heart of the band by working hard cleaning and helping the band get out of a jam. After they return home, Oba returns home to his daily routine in his father carpentry workshop and that became boring so soon that he had a clash with his strict father who destroyed Oba’s unfinished but very much-loved guitar. Oba leaves home upset, tearful and heartbroken, Oba runs and runs heading nowhere in particular only to find himself in front pf the only place he found peace. The Ibadan Night club. This begins his journey into the music world, and Oba did not look back after that.

  • Joke Jaiyesimi Poindexter
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    Student, Screenplay, Short Script
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    United States
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    Yes - New York Film Academy
  • Joke Poindexter
    Sherman Oaks
Writer - Joke Jaiyesimi Poindexter