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Gino's War - original screenplay

After winning the Tour de France in 1938, champion cyclist, Gino Bartali, risks everything, riding over 150 kilometers a day in war-torn Italy. His dangerous mission is to save Jewish families from the Nazis. His secret weapon is his bike. Like a Trojan horse, Gino hides fake documents and false passports inside his bike frame and delivers them to hiding Jews waiting to escape. Will he outfox his enemies or will the Gestapo wolves hunt him down?
Inspired by true acts of valor.

  • Terry Dodd Lomax
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  • Genres:
    Drama, Action, Suspense
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Terry Dodd Lomax

I am a storyteller of how even the smallest of lights can overcome the darkest nights.

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Writer Statement

I see this story unfold in my mind. I see the characters move and sing. My soul is on fire and the only way to tame the wildfire is with pen and paper.