GiddyUP! Film Tour brings bicycle lovers together for a unique social event featuring the best in cycling cinema. Each event kicks off an hour or so before show time so you can knock back a cold one, catch up with riding friends, check out the latest gear and talk about ride plans for the coming season.

Once the curtain opens, GiddyUP! Film Tour unveils exclusive content from around the globe showcasing exactly why we all love to ride… A love of tight and twisty trails, nailing that grueling gravel road, grinding out a solid effort all the way to the top of a road climb or simply shedding all the stress from a long day in the office.

Doing good, Feels good. That’s our mantra.

We donate to the Amy D Foundation to help support their efforts to empower girls and young women in cycling.

We are working on filmmaker awards for our 2019 tour.

Submissions can be any length up to a 15-minute maximum, make them as long as they are good – most films are around 8 to 12 minutes. Make your elementary school writing teacher proud… each film must have a beginning, middle and end. A good story will keep the audience engaged, endless shots of cool tricks with no story can wear thin quickly.

Film submissions must be cycling related.

Final Submissions must include the following:
*Fully edited film tour submission up to 15 minutes long
*30 second maximum end credits for film credits and sponsor mentions (Sponsor mentions must be at end of film in end credits only)