Private Project

Ghum Ghum Ghum

  • Golam Mustofa
    A Father's Diary, Message in the Fortune Cookie, A Drop of Love, Riddle Of Hearts
  • Golam Mustofa
    A Father's Diary, Message in the Fortune Cookie, A Drop of Love, Riddle Of Hearts
  • Deepa Khandakar
    Key Cast
  • Mustakim Hossain Mahin
    Key Cast
    "Young Hasan"
  • Afroz Khan
    Key Cast
    "Hassan Ali"
  • Nidhi Dhara
    Key Cast
    "Dina Ali"
  • Christy Eveleigh
    Key Cast
    "Faria Ali"
  • Brittany Clough
    Key Cast
    "Isabella Marino"
  • Golam Mustofa
  • Mujahidul Haque Lenin
  • Lamia Chowdhury Gunjon
  • Gabriel Depiero
    Mixer & Mastering
  • Jalal Ahmed
  • Daria Shakhova 
  • Shivang Shastri
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    ঘুম ঘুম ঘুম
  • Project Type:
    Music Video
  • Runtime:
    2 minutes 34 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    September 23, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    15,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
    Bangladesh, Canada
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    RED, Digital
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    April 23, 2022
  • Pune Short Film Festival
    June 2, 2022
  • One Earth Awards
  • Malabar Music Festival
    Malabar, Kerala
    April 14, 2022
    Best Bengali Song Video
  • Golden Lion International Film Festival
    July 28, 2022
    Best Music Video

    Korea, Republic of
    August 3, 2022
    Best Music Soundtrack
Director Biography - Golam Mustofa

Producer, Director, Writer and Lyricist:

Golam Mustofa, born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and educated in the USA, is the director, writer, and producer of the feature film "A Father's Diary." He is also an active jury in several film festivals around the Los Angeles area. He is also a renowned lyricist in North America and Bangladesh for his heart-touchy lyrics. His previous feature film "A Drop of Love" was awarded nine film festivals including "Best Dramatic Film" and the short film "Message in the Fortune Cookie" was awarded by 12 film festivals including the "Best Audience Choice" award.

Mustofa earned a B.S. in Accounting and an M.S. in Computer Science from the City University NY (CUNY), where he also studied Visual Communication Media, Computer Graphics, Indie Film Making, Photography, Computer Animation, and Computer Music, and made numbers of short films. He is also skilled in Screenwriting, Song writing, 3D Animation, Graphic Design, Sound Mixing, Special Effects Supervision, NLE Film Editing Supervision, Software Development, and Performance Engineering, Software Verification & Validation Architecting, Teaching & Training - Software Development & Verification areas.

"A Father's Diary" is one of his feature films which made him travel three continents - North America, South Asia, and Australia with the cast and crew; currently he is also working on five feature films like "Switching", "End of the Street", "Where the Heart Belongs", "Memory in Motion", and "360 Degree" and a couple of shorts as well

• A Father's Diary
• Message in the Fortune Cookie
• Riddle Of Hearts
• A Drop of Love

Song Writer & Producer:

1. Song title: "Ghum Ghum Ghum" (Bengali)
2. Song title: "Ki Shova"(Benglai)
3. Song title: "Come to my heart- এসো হে সাথী /Eso he sathi" (English & Bengali)
4. Song title: "You got my claws out"
5. Song title: "Save Your Breath"
6. Song title: "Home home home"
7. Song title: "If I leave the world today"
8. Song title: "I want to be millionaire"
9. Song title: "My Taj Mahal"
10. Song title: "Taj Mahal – The Drops of Love"
11. Song title: "It’s a Beautiful World"
12. Song title: "You are the one"
13. Song title: "Let’s return home"
14. Song title: "Be my love"
15. Song title: "An Ocean Apart"
16. Song title: "I am in love"
17. Song title: "Red Mountain"
18. Song title: "Come to me and be my love"
19. Song title: "Such a Beautiful World"
20. Song title: "My darling, I am in love"
21. Song title: "ইছামতীর মিষ্টি পানি / Ichāmatīra miṣṭi pāni"(Bengali)
22. Song title: "আমি যদি যাই গো চলে, মায়াবী এই ভুবন ছেড়ে /Āmi yadi yā'i gō calē, māẏābī ē'i bhubana chēṛē"(Bengali)
23. Song title: " তুমি যে শুদু তুমি / Tumi yē śudu tumi" (Bengali)
24. Song title: " তুমি যে শুদু তুমি / Tumi yē śudu tumi" (Bengali)
25. Song title: "দেখেছো কি আমার থাবা / Dēkhēchō ki āmāra thābā (Bengali)

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Director Statement

The “Ghum Ghum Ghum” song is the primary ingredient of the award-winning feature film “A Father’s Diary” which depicts a tale of a conservative father, Hassan Ali, who rejects and burns into the inferno when he discovers the unconventional and boundlessness love of his adorable daughter with neighbor’s daughter and even within his wife which leads into big domestic violence and huge drama to the family.

The audience will be treated in this song to the contrasting beauty of Bangladesh and Canada, and to the heart-touching song “Ghum Ghum Ghum” composed by the Shantiniketan team and written by Mustofa specifically for the beautiful Alalpur location and his mother’s love.

It was my remarkable experience and great privilege writing the lyrics, designing the song concept, and spotting notes along with my talented Composers, Instrumentalists, and virtually working with all the gifted vocalists around the globe on daily basis.

Filmmaking and songwriter rules are not written in stone, rather it’s an art that ought to be boundless as demonstrated throughout filmmaking history by building the rule, setting up the benchmark, and breaking the conventional rules; in this project, we looked and experimented outside of the box and intentionally crossed so many traditional lines to establish some new perspectives of filmmaking which the viewers may experience. Our endeavors will truly be successful once the song catches the viewers' attention!