Get Up

A woman finds her world upended with the sudden deaths of her son and husband; questioning the mysterious circumstances, she starts a solo investigation and finds out her dead son's predatory teacher was the genesis of her tragedy. She tracks him down and begins to plot a way to bring him down but her new student finds out her secret plan and decides to help without her knowledge, now she has to stop the teacher before someone else winds up dead.

  • Comfort Chikaodi Ihueze
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Writer Biography - Comfort Chikaodi Ihueze

Comfort Ihueze is a dreamer who likes to tell the other side of things; the ugly side of love, the good side of hate, the strength we can find in weakness. She write stories that make people somber and pensive; really think about life and how they could approach it differently to get the most out of it. She hopes to influence her readers to be bold, make hard decisions and live life on their own terms.

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