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George and Emily / East Berlin

It is 2022 and octogenarians George and Emily are bored. Thinking of Henry and Lily, a thrill-seeking couple from their youth, they enter extreme activities but go too far resulting in a car crash. George and Emily are unconscious.
In 1959 Henry, a patriot, and Lily, a thrill seeker, meet studying languages at Stanford University. They start dating and Lily brings Henry out of his shell. Encouraging him to consider a more exciting future. Lily reveals that she is not completely fearless as she suffers vertigo.
It is 1962 and Henry and Lily are very much in love. Lily convinced Henry to aim higher and he applied to the CIA. He is rejected as his father, unbeknown and distressing to Henry, had communist connections. At their graduation afterparty a stranger makes an offer. An offer that can bring the adventure Lily so desperately desires. Henry, with nothing left to lose but Lily, accepts.
They meet up with the stranger, who is introduced as Stan, and start their new work only to discover it is for an international crime syndicate called ‘The Organisation’ and they are trapped. Lily soon grows accustomed to their roles and enjoys the glamourous lifestyle it brings but it weighs heavy on Henry’s conscience. Stan reveals he was also duped into this employment and, due to their mutual hatred of communism, he and Henry become friends and Henry lightens up. Their work revolves around impersonating people to illicit money and Stans counterfeits credentials to vouch for them.
In 1963 they push their luck at an event and an attending Russian general is suspicious. Captured in a sting by Agent Croft of the CIA they are made another offer. Work for the Government or spend their lives apart in prison. Henry readily accepts but this is not the type of adventure Lily wanted and she is scared. She just wants to go home. Croft clarifies that insubordination will result in death.
Using their language skills, they are despatched to recover Russian plans from East Berlin, however, they are captured. Henry offers to sell out his country to save Lily. This was a staged mission designed to wean out operatives who might defect or talk. Croft berates Henry and sends them both for additional training, but the Russians move their plans forward and they must go now. They must get the plans and get out. Or die trying. They must pay for their crimes, and this is how.
Cornered by a General, who feigns an American accent, the only escape is a window and Lily must overcome her vertigo. With Henry beside her she finds the courage and they escape with the plans. Back at the US base, Croft reveals he is a double agent working for the Russians and the stolen plans were already in America’s possession. The General’s accent was real.
Determined to return the plans to the Americans, they knock Croft unconscious and, using him as a human shield, escape the base. On route, Lily reads the documents to find the Russians plan on sending missiles into China. American Missiles. This would cause Mau to react against the US ending the Cold War with one remaining superpower. Russia. A truck careers around a bend, smashes into the car and they are out cold.

Awaking in separate rooms they are soon tortured. Henry pretends to not understand Russian, so the KGB send in an English speaker who turns out to be Stan. Henry and Lily have accepted their lives are not as important as the greater good and once the plan is explained to Stan, he reveals he is actually Russian but not a commie and agrees to help them. Croft arrives and reveals he is just a mercenary available to the highest bidder. Stan and Croft fight resulting in Henry mercy killing Stan and Lily killing Croft.
They anonymously send the plans back to the Americans as they realise, they cannot be identified as they will be arrested. Henry pulls out two new passports that Stan gave to him. Inside, photos of Henry and Lily but the names are George and Emily. It is revealed that George and Emily are the elderly Henry and Lily.
Back in 2022 George is in a coma from the crash. He briefly wakes, thanks Emily for a life of adventure, calls her ‘Lil’ and dies. Emily continues to lead an exciting life with her less than keen grandson in tow.

  • James Richard Thornton
    Concealed, Milf
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - James Richard Thornton

Thriller writer James Thornton has currently completed two feature films, has a third in its final editing stage and a novel on the way.
Writing for nearly 20 years, James discovered that this passion was more than just a hobby and demanded full exploration. He chose the pathway of storyteller and so far, it has led him to a quarter final finish in the Creative Screenwriting UNIQUE VOICES Screenplay Competition (2021), a semi-final finish in the Sherman Oaks Screenplay Festival (2019) and a Top 25 finish in the UK Film Festival: Feature Script Competition (2019).
An ambitious writer with big goals. He believes in himself and has the drive and practical approach to achieve. He ultimately hopes that one day his novels will adorn your coffee table and his films be viewed, over and over, long after he has passed. Originally trained as an Actor he utilises his characterisation and textual analysis skills taught at Drama School to create his fully-fledged three-dimensional characters full of honesty and realism. Always one to ask the question ‘What if?’ He is a writer that will take his setting to the furthest extreme of believable human situation. Basing his writing on the mantra ‘Drama is life with the boring parts taken out’.
He has also been published as a Theatre Reviewer for the Camden New Journal, written online copy, short films, commercial scripts, and others. He also likes to work in collaboration with other writers as an Editor and Reviewer. He has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Derby.

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