The Genre Showcase 2022 @ Pinewood Studios
Hosted by Lift-Off Global Network

- Qualifies for Lift-Off Season Award Nominations

Our physical and virtual showcases will be mixing together screenwriters, filmmakers, producers, and their production teams with the aim to build networks of similar creative identities.

Each event incorporates screenings, discussions, feedback, and presentations by organisations eager to support screenwriters and filmmakers venturing into the exciting world of independent filmmaking for genre-based content.

The Lift-Off Global Network exists with the aim of launching filmmakers' careers. Our International Genre Screenwriter Showcase is an event held at Pinewood Studios and virtually across the globe. It aims to celebrate and nurture those who have set out to write high genre-based content.

Learn more about the Lift-Off Global Network and how we support our screenwriters. Watch coverage from our festivals, see the interviews and engage with our live workshops directly from our YouTube Channel. Simply copy and paste this link into a separate tab:


...The genre list is endless. But we think it is important to not just single out the arthouse writer, like with many of the mainstream festivals.

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Lift-Off Global Network offers to you the chance to join our platform. An "industry within the industry" and a place to build your career with showcases, education, festival screenings, and limitless fee waivers to all of our events for your content. We have so much to offer our members via Lift-Off Professional and Intermediate Memberships; the list is endless. We are sure that fee waivers and a priority on screening your work worldwide are worth your attention.

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Our Professional Membership is an annual subscription of $189, it entitles you to the following benefits...

- Fee waivers across our entire festival network - (worth $700)
- Free tickets to all of our events around the world
- Access to a real-time global jobs board - work within the industry
- Access to a huge scripts database
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Intermediate Membership is an annual subscription of $89, which entitles you to,

-Free Submission to Showcases
-Launch Your Projects
-Free Tickets to Festivals
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-Production Support
-Career Road-Mapping
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And much more...

Following on from the massive success of our First-Time Filmmaker Showcase, with one of our premier team's winning an Academy Award, we have designed this new showcase programme intended for genre-based screenwriters - with the overall goal for all who are selected to have a head start within the film industry.

You will be joined by other skilled filmmakers carving their path in the film industry. There will be opportunities throughout the day to have your questions answered and this will enable filmmakers who attend the event to forge long-lasting relationships which will be essential in the future! For each production team, there will also be a group peer review session. In this session, there will be a full discussion about the various films which have been screened during the day based on feedback from the attendees. Filmmakers will also have the opportunity to have a one-on-one meet and greet with the Lift-Off Co-founders James Bradley and Ben Pohlman.

Our goal is to offer as much as possible to all who submit, our officially selected filmmakers, our nominees and winners. At the submission level we offer value for your submission fee with exclusive content and a 24-page e-book, highlighting…

♠ Submitting to the large festivals
♠ Discussing classic mistakes on the festival circuit
♠ Highlighting the right festival submission strategy
♠ Some golden rules for success
♠ Tips on how to start building a realistic filmmaking career

There will be prizes for:

Best script overall, plus best scripts for each genre category.

✏️ Exclusive access to our filmmakers via the Festival Hub

✏️ Free reviewers pass to our live and online festivals

✏️ Access to industry interviews, online workshops and online networking events

✏️ Invite to one of our Showcases at the legendary Pinewood Studios

We accept scripts of any length.

Proudly, we have no other restrictions on your work. This includes your works current project status, it's age and/or whether your work has been made available to view/read online.

Overall Rating
  • Thanks so much for selecting my screenplay "The War in Serendipity". She is a quirky horror, genre-mash and lesser competitions would have bypassed it because they don't have the integrity or vision to understand anything that isn't "cookie cutter". But you do! Thanks again for the opportunity!

    July 2021
  • I am happy to be a part of it. Great management, very friendly, ready to help and advise. Hope to come back here again. Victor Maslyaev

    November 2020
  • Luigi Rizzo

    Definitely a great opportunity. It’s a friendly and practical way to promote director’s work.

    November 2020
  • Quentin Lestienne

    A great event made by passionate people ! Very happy to have been selected with my music video "Better" by Beat Assailant. And glad to discover great works !

    August 2020
  • Benn Veasey

    A really good event run by friendly, engaging and passionate people.

    The day was a great opportunity to meet other filmmakers and to get some advice from industry insiders. Overall good fun but also an invaluable networking opportunity. Would highly recommend.

    May 2018