GenreBlast is an international independent genre film festival coming to you from the awesome Alamo Drafthouse Winchester in beautiful Winchester, VA!

GB4 will happen LABOR DAY WEEKEND - 8/29-9/1 2019 and will feature the best of truly independent films from around the world - specializing in action, horror, sc-fi, fantasy, martial arts, grindhouse, exploitation, Korean thrillers, Japanese gangster flicks, Chinese action movies, French horror, midnight movies, shoestring budget weird cinema, and everything under the sun! We really welcome all genres of interesting, original, exciting and daring moviemaking! All countries and walks of life are welcome here!

We also have a fantastic screenplay contest that is growing larger every year! In our fourth year, we will really highlight screenwriters by hosting a screenwriting seminar and even having live script readings with professional actors!

Our discussion panels at GenreBlast 2 & 3 were a big hit and we're bringing them back again for episode four! Raw, uncensored real talk about indie filmmaking, gender bias, distribution, criticism, and much more will come your way from the mouths of some of the best indie talent out there!

After-parties, lively conversation, networking galore, TONS of movies, informative Q&A's and the chance to make new lifelong industry friends - all nestled in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley hamlet of Winchester, VA! Your movie will be shown in front of a lively, enthusiastic crowd of cinephiles and industry peers that don't walk around with their heads up their asses 24/7! What a refreshing way to attend a film fest!

Some of our awesome past screenings have included:

Lieutenant Jangles - world premiere (2018) / The PsyBorgs - world premiere (2018) / Clickbait - world premiere (2018) / Guardians - world premiere (2017) / Future - world premiere (2017)

Advance screening of IT (2017) / 30th Anniversary screening of RoboCop (2017)

Top Knot Detective / Savageland / Butterfly Kisses / The Ranger / Amazon Hot Box / Frankenstein Created Bikers / Happy Hunting / Night of Something Strange / She Was So Pretty 2: Be Good for Goodness Sake / The VelociPastor / She's Allergic to Cats / Indiana / Hot / She Kills / House Shark / Holy Hell / Dry Blood / Bong of the Living Dead / I'm Dreaming of a White Doomsday / Livescream / Bloodsucker's Handbook / Lilith's Awakening / Boyne Falls / Blood of the Tribades / Unterwelt: The World Beyond / Loon / Stuck / Dead Bullet / Murder Made Easy / The Nothing / Capsule / All Through the House / Mania / Yeti 2: Life on the Streets

Come Labor Day Weekend, you'll wish you were at GenreBlast!


First prize in the top categories will receive a trophy, sponsor swag, possibly cash prizes and potentially more!

Runners up in each category will receive a certificate and possibly an assortment of cool sponsor prizes.

Attending filmmakers/screenwriters will receive a weekend pass to the festival along with exclusive filmmaker lanyards to identify you as a special snowflake as well as VIP loot bags and the royal treatment you so richly deserve that can be lacking in a lot of festivals. We will treat you right, baby!

There will be a combined awards ceremony for screenwriters and filmmakers on Sunday afternoon followed by an after party to remember - the GenreBlast Aftermath Party!

The weekend will also be filled with other parties and informative and entertaining panels and discussions. You'll be in genre movie heaven.

Some of the categories for awards include:

GenreBlast Forever Award
Jury Award
Audience Choice Award
Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Director (Feature)
Best Director (Short)
Best Cinematographer (Feature)
Best Cinematographer (Short)
Best Score (Feature)
Best Score (Short)
Best Screenplay (Feature)
Best Screenplay (Short)
Best FX (Feature)
Best FX (Short)
Best Actress (Feature)
Best Actor (Feature)
Best Actress (Short)
Best Actor (Short)

Best Feature Script
Best Short Script
Best TV/Web Script

Best Local Film
Best Song
Best Trailer
Best Hero
Best Villain
Best On-Screen Duo
Best Ensemble
Best Poster (Feature)
Best Poster (Short)

Honorable Mention Feature Script
Runner-Up Feature Script
Honorable Mention Short Script
Runner-Up Shot Script
Honorable Mention TV/Web Script
Runner-Up TV/Web Script

The Les Femmes Du Genre Award

Email us if you have any questions about anything before you submit. We are especially on the hunt for quality FEATURE films directed by women, POC and LGBTQ filmmakers. If you are one or know of some, please let us know. We will work with you.

We want to make it an even playing field for anyone who submits via FilmFreeway. We don't play favorites, we don't pander to anyone and we don't kiss up to the big festivals or follow trends. We program what we think will play well over the weekend. It's that simple.

Feature films and scripts qualify as at least 60 mins/pgs and up. Short films and scripts qualify as 59 mins/pgs and under. Pretty simple.

We will not post your work or any excerpts of your work anywhere online. That would defeat the purpose of having a live film festival.

By submitting, you agree that you own all copyrights and intellectual properties to your work. Any violations of that agreement will result in immediate disqualification from the festival and a cheerfully vulgar rejection letter.

GenreBlast reserves the right to use any part of your submission for promotional purposes regarding the festival itself. This includes Facebook, Twitter, local advertising, promo trailers and other related venues. Don't freak out, this stuff is pretty routine. We just might use a clip or still from your work to help promote the festival so we can sell tickets for people to see your awesome flick. That means we like you.

Submitting to GenreBlast Film Festival does not guarantee selection. Neither does liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. Cash bribes might work, but why risk it? We reserve the right to disqualify anyone based on violation of rules & regulations, objectionable content (although we can handle a lot) rude behavior via email or social media, poor sound and/or video quality (as in unwatchable) or due to a love of Kevin James films.

International films not in English MUST be subtitled or dubbed in English. We Americans are stupid. We need subtitles because we're too lazy and arrogant to learn a second language. Do us a favor and make sure your awesome foreign film has those lovely ENGLISH subtitles. Thanks! Seriously though, dubbing blows. Don't do it.

Pretty much anything is fair game as far as content is concerned. We love violence, raunch, gore and outrageous situations, just make sure it all comes with a plot.

Feel free to contact us with any non-idiotic questions. If it's a good question, we'll get right back to you. If it sucks, we'll just ignore you.

If you're not sure about something, please email us before you submit. We'll answer your queries as quickly as possible.


Happy submitting!

Overall Rating
  • Laurel Vail

    I didn't get to go to the fest, but everyone I know that went had a great time. Plus there is an alumni group for continued networking, which I have found really helpful.

    December 2018
  • Dylan Hintz

    GENREBLAST isn't just one of the best run, most fun festivals at one of the best venues I've been to, it's also one of the BEST curated festivals I could imagine. Nearly every picture on the screen was exceedingly fun to watch, and clearly represented the "GENRE" in the name of the event.

    Was a lot of fun, well priced, and worth inviting friends to!

    November 2018
  • Flood Reed

    Was honored to have my screenplay selected as a semi-finalist in this year's GenreBlast! My only regret is being on the opposite coast and not being able to attend!

    October 2018
  • Aaron Barrocas

    Amazing festival all around. In advance of the event, communication was well established between all of the participants, so that a sense of community could be created. The organization in finding an incredible location for the screenings, as well as a great hotel that attendees could stay at within walking distance, and even arranging rides to and from the airport, was appreciated by all. The films themselves were carefully selected, and so many of them proved to be hidden gems. The level of creative talent was inspirational, and the majority of the filmmakers flew in to represent their films, and do Q&A sessions. In addition, there were a few well-considered panels on filmmaking and screenwriting that yielded fantastic advice. The time and effort that went into planning this festival was evident in every detail.

    September 2018
  • Asaf Livni

    Although I wasn't able to attend the festival with my short film "My First Time", communication was smooth and friendly, and they had lots of social media activity that gave a real sense of the festival :)

    September 2018