Author Film, theater and TV
She is working and developing her career in theatre writing, script and audiovisual production, until little by little, she begins to conceive her ideas as a whole, generating multidisciplinary projects. Plays with audiovisual staging, audiovisual productions with performative aesthetics, are the evidence of this constant search.
Her writing has a strong self-fictional imprint, starting from the autobiographical, he deepens into a variety of themes combining genres and disciplines that she understands as resources that can coexist in pursuit of a story and can become a play, audiovisual, musical, performative or a text.
She has premiered three plays of her own, she directs actors and has been a performer in some of these plays. She has published two dramatic texts with IDEAA-PALADINET publishing house (
She is currently working on and managing her own multidisciplinary, playwriting and audiovisual projects.
Genoveva Clariá has a degree in Social Communication, and a strong experience in dramaturgy, script and production of audiovisual contents.
From 2009 to 2010 she works as an artistic producer for thematic projects in the production company Proyecto Experience! where she develops contents for Theatre, Musical Comedy, Multimedia Shows and Performance Centers.
For five years (2010-2015) she was Delegate Producer at Canal Encuentro (National Ministry of Education) working in the areas of Content Production and as a collaborator in the Script Department.
Then she joined the team of the Chief of Cabinet of the National Ministry of Culture, where she worked as Content Advisor, Production and articulation of national projects for two years, 2014 - 2015.
Since 2016 she has been working in dramaturgy and acting direction, writing and producing plays performed in tours, festivals and cycles of diverse programming.
Since 2017 she has been working independently in the areas of Content Direction, Scriptwriting, Production and Management of audiovisual products for different platforms (TV animation series, Interpretation Centers, 4D Shows, Multidisciplinary Experiences, museums and public spaces).
Since 2019 she has been strongly oriented to the writing of audiovisual and theatre projects, working as a scriptwriter, director and manager of her own projects
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Geno anfibia
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1, 57
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Gaston Caminotti
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I trust in work more than in luck (Latin proverb).
Author Film, theater and TV
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