Since its beginning in 2007, the Geneva Film Festival has grown in popularity and status in the independent film festival community. Festival organizers are looking forward to an even bigger and better event in 2018. Previous year’s selection of world-class films originated from dozens of countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil and India to name a few.

Geneva has long been a destination for affluent, well-educated, and culturally aware visitors from the Chicago area and around the globe. Local businesses and event sponsors benefit from ongoing tourism and the festival's growing popularity. National and international companies also enjoy the opportunity to enhance brand awareness with this influential demographic.

In addition to world-class films, the event features a special screening of the Emerging Cinematographer Award Winners from the International Cinematographers Guild, a filmmaker meet and greet and much more.

Award recognition goes to: Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary Feature, Emerging Feature Filmmaker and Emerging Documentary Filmmaker (for 1st and 2nd time directors), Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Short, Best Animated Short, Student Visionary Award (Best Student Short), Young Filmmaker Spotlight Award (Best Grade/High School Short), and Best Musical Short.

The Geneva Film Festival accepts submissions in the following categories: Narrative and Documentary Feature, Narrative and Documentary Short, Animated Short, and Student Short: Student Visionary Award (College/ Graduate School) & Young Filmmaker Spotlight (Grade School/ High School) and Musical Short (Music Video). A jury of film industry professionals will judge the submitted works.

FEATURES - Running time more than 40 minutes
SHORTS - Running time less than 40 minutes


Entry forms and payment will not be processed without accompanying Preview Copies in one of the accepted formats. (Either DVD/NTSC or Online Screener)
Film entries must be uploaded or postmarked by November 8, 2017.
All entries must be in English. (Dubbed or Subtitled is acceptable)
Students must include proof of student status with the submission (i.e. copy of current and valid student I.D.).

Hard Copy Submissions

Film entrants must submit two viewing copies in accepted formats (DVD/NTSC) for consideration.
The Geneva Film Festival accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of entries during shipment to or from the Geneva Film Festival.

Send Hard Copy Submissions to:

Attn: Jamie Heflin
22 South First Street
Geneva, IL 60134

Overall Rating
  • Fred Macdonald

    A great festival with a very caring and dedicated staff. Thank you Geneva Film Festival!!!

    March 2018
  • Christopher Oliva

    This wonderful little fest was a lot of fun. The Geneva Film Festival was incredibly welcoming and embracing of a variety of wonderful work. We enjoyed our time there and loved the opportunity to network with fellow filmmakers. I'm excited to see what's in the program for the coming years as not just a filmmaker but an audience member.

    March 2018
  • On behalf of the cast and crew of The Go Cart, thank you for the incredible experience! Kudos to staff/volunteers and sponsors for their generous support of filmmakers. Excellent and engaged audiences, lots of great food and networking opportunities. Thanks again and best wishes for your continued success!

    March 2018
  • The crew at the Geneva Film Festival were awesome! We had a terrific time at our event, and they did an amazing job making the filmmakers feel appreciated and welcome. It doesn't hurt that Geneva is such a beautiful city.

    March 2018
  • H James Gilmore

    A warm and welcoming small festival that really cares about the filmmaker. We were treated to great hospitality, good food, full houses for screenings and lively and engaged audiences. My documentary short screened in a program that included an excellent array of other short films. Would certainly submit here again.

    March 2018