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LIFF - Lebanese Independent Film Festival
    Every culture has something to say and here comes the power of filmmaking: To voice out what people have to say about their cultural treasures.
    This is one aspect of filmmaking that has always intrigued me. So this led me to explore filmmaking in different cultures (Lebanese, American, French, South korean, German…)
    My journey helped me see video production from different perspective and in turn helped me adapt to different societies.
    The Splinter, my first short movie won the Award of Merit at a big Lebanese Film Festival in 2012.
    I came back from South Korea, after achieving a film studies diploma, inspired to do 2 documentaries (Gayrouth 2015 & Libertad Beirut 2018) that reflect hidden realities in the Lebanese society.
    The first documentary has participated in more than 22 film festivals around the world and has won different awards in film festivals as well as the second.
    Working on these two documentaries enabled me to pilot projects from the preproduction to postproduction.
    My curiosity pushed me to go beyond documentaries and produce and direct corporate films, short fictions and advertisements in different agencies and production houses in different countries.
    My latest short movie is called BeLonging, resuming in 1 movie different situations I have gone through during my international journey...
    Recently, my crew and I have been working on a feature film and a sitcom.
    Lastly, I realised that one of the way of giving back to my community was through creating the Lebanese Independent Film Festival - LIFF ( that helped in bridging the gap between independent artists and their society. In addition, I was given the chance to co-direct A Night Of MisFit Films in Phoenix, Arizona which celebrates its fourth anniversary this year.
    PHD student at University of Montreal
    Cinema Department
    University of Paris X
    MFA in Directing
    Chung-Ang University
    Film Studies
    University of Montpellier
    MFA in Production
    Eye Color
    Make it happen!
    LIFF - Lebanese Independent Film Festival