A small film event showcasing the work of young filmmakers, organized by young filmmakers. The goal is to expose these movies to an audience in appreciation of the talent and uniqueness of off-the-big-screen movies and shorts, made by the passionate youth. GÜD BRO is a independent production company run by teens mostly working with music, and different kinds of filmmaking (shorts, documentary, etc).

The audience will vote on which submission they found to be the best, and we will pick the top 3, there is so physical award but rather praise for your movie if it wins! We will also post the winner on our website and social media.

1. Must be between the ages of 14-19

2. You may submit different medians of video art as
long as it inflects some sort of directing style

3. Be able to submit a video file if necessary

4. Teens may submit from anywhere

5. The earlier the better