GRRL HAUS Cinema, operated entirely by volunteers, is a screening series, and collective dedicated to promoting the works of women, trans, non-binary, and genderqueer filmmakers in the realms of experimental, low-budget, and underground cinema. Our emphasis on low budget and DIY culture creates a space for underrepresented voices in cinema.

Submissions are accepted continuously, setting GRRL HAUS apart from traditional film festivals. Rather than a singular large-scale event, we host multiple screenings throughout the year, aiming to bring high-quality short films created by women, non-binary, genderqueer, and trans individuals to a global audience.

Central to GRRL HAUS is a celebration of DIY culture, stressing the importance of sharing diverse works across various audiences, from international museums to underground clubs. The collective strives to transcend the typical film festival scene, offering every audience the opportunity to experience these films beyond traditional networking crowds. GRRL HAUS is dedicated to inclusivity, highlighting the creativity and uniqueness inherent in the world of film. It serves as a beacon of accessibility, inviting all audiences to engage in the richness of creative expression within the cinematic realm.

Our curated thematic screenings take place at key venues such as "The Brattle Theatre" in Cambridge, MA, USA. Additionally, in Berlin, Germany, we organize summer screenings through "Mobile Kino" and monthly events at "Loophole Berlin."

Submitted films are considered for all our screening locations, and we retain all submissions for potential future showcases. While our annual "Best of the Year" screenings at the Brattle Theatre occur in early December, acceptance into other screenings does not guarantee inclusion in this year-end event.

For further information on us - please check out our site :
And follow us on instagram @grrlhauscinema

We've introduced 3 new submission categories:

"Long Shorts" – up to 45 minutes.
"Micro Shorts" – less than 2 minutes.
"DIY Venues : Berlin Local films" : Exclusively for artists in Berlin interested in our DIY screenings. Berlin-based filmmakers submitting to this section will ONLY be considered for our DIY screenings, not for our larger-scale events. Submissions are limited to those based in Berlin, Germany, with a runtime under 20 minutes.
* If you want to be considered for ALL our events (large-scale, Brattle Theatre, Mobile Kino, outdoor summer screenings, international, online, and DIY screenings), please submit to the regular categories!

We can't wait to experience the creativity and diversity you bring to GRRL HAUS.

What our chosen filmmakers can expect:

- If their work is selected for one of our live screenings, filmmakers and one guest will receive complimentary passes to the event.
- Selected films may have the opportunity to be featured in future events.
- GRRL HAUS actively endorses, curates, and participates in the jury process for various film festivals. Our extensive archive of submissions allows us to regularly offer recommendations to other festivals, programs, and curation teams.
- The names of films and directors will be permanently showcased on the GRRL HAUS CINEMA site and across all our social media platforms.
- We diligently promote the work of all selected artists, creating trailers for each event and featuring individual artists through comprehensive posts on our social media channels.

- Films should be directed or written by women, non-binary, or trans individuals, with co-direction or co-writing also accepted.
- We welcome films in any genre, and if you are uncertain about fitting into our categories, please choose "other."
- For films under 2 minutes, kindly submit them under the "micro short" category.
- Films falling within the 25 to 45-minute range should be submitted under the "long short" category.
- Shorts between 2 to 25 minutes can be submitted in the genre category of your preference.
- We accept submissions from around the world.
- Films must be submitted in digital format.
- Filmmakers must grant permission for the use of film stills and clips in promotional materials and event trailers.
- All languages are accepted, but non-English language films must have embedded English subtitles.
- The submitter must be the director, producer, or writer of the work, or have permission from them, with the respective contact email provided.
- Films from distribution companies are allowed, but note that we prefer direct collaboration with filmmakers and do not provide screening or admin fees to distribution companies.
- Entries are open to individuals aged 18 or older.
- The submission fee covers our evaluation of your film's suitability for our audience and is non-refundable.

Overall Rating
  • Abby Falvo

    My short screened at one of the Kino screenings. I was unable to attend in person sadly. The festival itself and everything around it put on by Grrl Haus is super cool and I was honoured to be a part.

    February 2024
  • A wonderful festival with thoughtful programming, excellent communication and great organization. Thank you very much for selecting my micro-short "Human Relationships" for the upcoming screening at The Brattle Theatre. It's an honor to be part of a GRRL HAUS CINEMA event.

    February 2024
  • Sunniva Innstrand

    Thank you Grrl Haus Cinema for selecting my film Life In The Shadowlands to be a part of your 2023 programme!

    As a chronically ill and disabled filmmaker, it feels especially meaningful to be included and recognised by such awesome creators and organizers. I'm also really grateful to have had access to an online screening option as my condition prevented me from attending in-person. Thank you for taking accessibility into consideration - I hope you will keep on doing that for all events to come!

    January 2024
  • Vasia Ampatzi

    Great festival, super organized stuff, and awesome selections!

    January 2024
  • Hadrien Daigneault-Roy

    GRRL HAUS is an ICONIC festival, well curated, and showcasing the outcast. Thanks to the team for screening our film DRAG YOU. You can tell they're passionate about underground cinema, and their queer gaze is on point.

    January 2024