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The Old Nis cemetery is located in the south of Nis, in the central part of Palilula. As early as the 18th century, on this site people were buried, and the time of its creation can not be accurately defined. Data from tombstones indicate the age of the cemetery. The oldest feature is from 1819, located in the western part. During the Turkish rule, the old cemetery belonged to the Serbian part of the settlement and outside the Turkish narrow and wider ramparts. The cemetery is elongated, with wider eastern entry and narrow western part and occupies over 17 hectares.

About 200 monuments have certain artistic or historical values, among them were eight sculptural monuments created after the war, and three were created before the war, as well as 11 medallions, eight deep reliefs and a hundred monuments of significant figures for the history and culture of the city. As authentic testimonies of personalities and events in Nis, by decision of the Municipal Assembly of Nis in 1983, eight graves in the “old cemetery” were placed under the protection of the Law. Here we are near the tomb with the monument to Atanasije Petrović – Teacher Tasa, a famous Nish teacher and warrior. The protection includes also the monuments of Nikola Kole Rašić, warrior against the Turks, organizer of the rebellion; Stanko Vlasotinčanin, trader and leader of the Niš Rebellion in 1841; Тоdor P. Stankovic, the organizer of the uprising in Nis and in the south of Serbia against the Turks; Serdar Jola Piletic, a Montenegrin hero, military leader and statesman of the 19th century; Milovan Nedić, Colonel, Commander of the Moravian Division since 1912; Pavle Stojkovic, leader and organizer of the workers’ movement in Serbia before the First World War and Proka Jovkic – Nestor Zucni, worker poet. By decision of the Executive Council of the Municipal Assembly of Nis No. 01-178 / 1-9-v of 21 June 1991, the entire complex of the Old Cemetery “Gorica” was declared a cultural asset and is under the protection of the state.

  • Gary Bramil Gera
  • Gary Bramil Gera
  • Gary Bramil Gera
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Experimental, Short
  • Runtime:
    8 minutes 30 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 1, 2021
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Director Biography - Gary Bramil Gera

Serbian producer...Writer...Film maker. Gary was also involved in a short-lived side project Shadowplay, and is currently performing with Cobi's Death and two other projects: Caffe Del Furuna & Gary Bramil Gera.
With Cobi's Death, Gera recorded a lot of albums and played few gigs.

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