I'm here to make movies for God, my ultimate EP.
Born in Tokyo, Japan in 2000, Genesis grew up half of his life living in Yokohama, Japan. He lived with his mom and dad who loved watching and collecting movies, possessing thousands of DVDs of the newest films that would come out at the time. They would have "movie night" nearly every night, and that is when Genesis began to develop an intrigue and keen eye for story telling with frames. His younger brother, Nazareth, also loved watching movies, and they would always make movies together with whatever camera they had. At the time, they had flip phones and old cassette camcorders. Ever since they were young tykes, Genesis was always the director and Nazareth was always the main actor and character.
Over the years, Genesis continued to make movies with his brother and friends, developing his craft and passion for filmmaking. Him and his family soon moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2013. He went to North Springs Highschool, where he began to develop a passion for producing music. He would collaborate with varying musicians, artists and rappers, and soon became the main go-to music producer at the highschool.
In 2019, he was enrolled into the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and it was there where he began to hone his craft in the many facets of the filmmaking process, from the storytelling and philosophy to the technical and hands-on. Through out his years at SCAD, he has directed a handful of shorts as well as composed for other student shorts. At the end of his time there, his final/thesis film "A House Built On Sand" was among the 10 that were selected for SCAD'S annual undergrad film spotlight showcase and premiered at the Atlantic Station Regal Cinema. It was there where he won the 2023 Outstanding Director award.
He graduated Cum Laude On June 2, 2023. He and his brother are now currently writing their newest film "ASCENDER", in which they look to shoot in the summer of 2024.
Through it all, Genesis always gave the glory to God and that it was God that gave and guided his passion for the arts. He has always felt that his sole purpose in life is to create refreshing and profound art that glorifies God, whether it be through films, music, or the fine arts. Genesis looks forward to the future where he can glorify God with his craft and impact lives in greater and growing scales.
Savannah College of Art and Design
Film and Television
High School
North Springs High School
Birth Date
May 7, 2000
Birth City
Current City
Sandy Springs
6 feet
Eye Color
Favorite hot sauce is Tabasco. I put it almost on everything, even cheesecake. Sweet and spicy.
"Life is a drama. God is the director and we are all actors.." -Shakespeare
I'm here to make movies for God, my ultimate EP.
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