The story of a former Chinese male TV host who entered the film industry at the instigation of a businessman, but was exploited by the businessman and forced to sell his property to pay for the crew.

  • Wei Na
  • Wei Na
  • XiaoHui Jin
  • Wei Na
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    1 hour 28 minutes
  • Production Budget:
    2,000,000 USD
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Director Biography - Wei Na

Na Wei, TV host, actor, director. The experience of traveling around the world, coupled with his optimist personality, made his talk show, with his perception of life in humor, forming a unique "Beijing Casual Talk".
• Participated in the creation of many films, and won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 4th Macau International Film Festival for the film "Overnight".
• At the same time, he is also known as the father of Chinese backgammon, the pioneer of Chinese renju, and has made extremely important contributions to the popularization and development of backgammon in China.
Na Wei's program is deeply loved by the audience for its relaxed and humorous features. He is also one of the few excellent hosts who can bring laughter and thinking to the audience.
representative work:
"Sunshine Avenue" CCTV-7, "Talented" Beijing Satellite TV, "The more you guess, the happier" Beijing Satellite TV, "Blurting Out" BTV Literature and Art, "That Little Mouth" Travel Satellite TV, "Let's Talk" Phoenix Satellite TV
Film works: "Police Story 2013", "Crouch", "Overnight Fame", "Railway Train", "Zero Dog"
TV drama works: "Passion Burns Forever", "Story of the New Editorial Department", "Manshan Hunting Son", "I am a Great Detective", "Leftover Men's Blind Date", "Underground Traffic Station"

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Director Statement

"Cat Heart and Mouse Gall" is a lighthearted and humorous comedy about a middle-aged outdated TV presenter who dreams of making a movie of his own but is cheated and has to sell his property to pay for the film crew and pay for it. A story of family forgiveness.

As a director, I hope to be able to present an interesting and creative film that makes the audience feel the joy of life while laughing. During the production of the film, I paid great attention to the performance of the actors and the smoothness of the plot.

First of all, in the selection of actors, I selected a group of actors with comedy talents, including the leading actors Yan Guanying and Li Jianxin. They have very good acting skills and can perfectly present the characters' personalities and emotions. At the shooting scene, I also conducted in-depth discussions with the actors to help them better understand their roles, so as to better express the character characteristics of the characters.

Secondly, in the construction of the plot, I pay attention to the coherence and rhythm of the plot. In the process of script creation, I carefully selected a series of interesting plots and organically connected them together to make the whole story compact and each plot has its own special meaning. At the same time, at the shooting scene, I also pay great attention to the selection and construction of scenes, and strive to make each scene show the best effect.

Finally, in the post-production, I also invested a lot of effort, and strive to further improve the quality of the film. Through fine editing and sound effects processing, I adjusted the plot and rhythm of the film more perfectly, making it easier for the audience to enter the plot and enjoy the joy and laughter in the process of watching the film.

In short, "The Cat Heart and the Mouse Gallbladder" is a very interesting movie, which combines various elements, including romance, comedy and adventure, etc., so that the audience can feel the colorful and beautiful life in the process of watching the movie. As a director, I am very honored to be able to participate in the production of this film, and hope that the audience will like this film and experience the joy and joy in it.