GAME-Faint Signals - Feature/TV Pilot Story Synopsis

When a tech-savvy and ambitious businesswoman faces a career-threatening storm in an all-male team at a solar market leader, she’s forced to match the ever-changing hands that management deals her to save face and her sanity.

  • Alice N. York
  • Niall Sellar
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    Contemporary fiction, Women, Drama
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Writer Biography - Alice N. York

Alice N. York was born and raised near Munich, Germany. Following her profound hunger for all things technical, she studied industrial and production engineering, and took on the challenge of playing the game.
Before starting her second career as a writer she travelled the world and worked in several sales and marketing positions in technological industries. Now she has remembered her roots and is following her heart. It still tells her: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Alice currently lives just outside of Munich near the Alps.

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Writer Statement

Based on "GAME-Faint Signals", diversity novel (ISBN 978-3-942358-08-8). Although the fictional story incorporates a woman’s real-life experiences in the tech industry, I believe it serves as a more general study of what successful people from underrepresented groups may face in a team where they are the only one of their kind. Over the past decade, progress to increase DEI at top management levels has been marginal. For those hitting the glass ceiling hard, speaking out about their experiences is not an option. It would harm their reputation and career opportunities. However, seeing a role model in familiar situations on screen could empower a large audience (currently in hiding) worldwide to break their silence and drive real change.