The Future Contingents Film Festival invites filmmakers from around the world to submit short form documentaries, non-fiction and experimental film projects. This is the festival for anything unscripted.

Our event will take place concurrently on October 15, 2023 in Lynchburg, VA. Films will be projected on a wide, cinematic screen in the Historic Academy Theater in downtown Lynchburg, VA (see photos).

Our goal with the festival is to showcase innovative new films, create discussions about their work, and provide an opportunity for filmmakers to network.

We will host a Q&A with ALL attending filmmakers who are selected to screen at our event following their film. You will be invited to introduce your film prior to screening if you wish. (not mandatory)

Following the films we will host an after-party for filmmakers and audience members. All parts of the event are FREE for filmmakers.

Films will be judged by a panel of filmmakers in the following categories:

• Best Documentary Film
• Best Non-Fiction Film
• Best Experimental Film
• Audience Choice

Awards for each category will be given at the screening event on October 29, 2023. Winners will be featured on our website (if permitted), with a profile and interview in our monthly newsletter, delivered to our 1k subscribers.

FCFF is looking for short films with a runtime of 9 minutes or less. Slightly longer submissions will be considered and not rejected due to length. We are leaving submissions open for films that run up to 19 minutes.

Documentary films will focus on a specific subject, event, or person. These films present a view of reality, often with the intention of educating or inspiring the audience about it's topic or theme.

Non-fiction, on the other hand, is a broader term that includes any film that is based on factual events or information. These films can be more interpretive or artistic in their style and structure.

Experimental films at Future Contingents should be unscripted, without actors or narrative storylines please. We are looking for original experiments in technique, craft, and style.

The filmmaker should decide what category they consider best for their film. We will not reject or object to the chosen category.

Our rules and terms are broad and meant to be broken.