Private Project

Fucker! Why can't I see your changes_ Fucking skin!!!!!

"Fuck! Why can't I see your changes? Fucking skin!!!!!”
(performance COMING OUT OF ISOLATION 2.0)
Hello. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I remember you. Once upon a time I wrote to you, I don’t know for what purpose and whether you had goals, But one thing I remember for sure is fear and stupor, but now it’s not about that. Last Message from you: “Fuck why I don’t see your fucking skin changes bitch” So I inform you that there are changes and you can see them at my first performance, Which I dedicate to you and my coming out. The performance will take place on 10.09 19.00 I will announce the place later)
In my speech, I will ask for your forgiveness because I dared only by my presence to cause so much aggression in you
In my speech, I will thank you for the fact that once your words hardened me and made my inner core stronger
Your words pushed me once, but suicidal thoughts are why I read them From a wooden box

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    7 minutes 48 seconds
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