With all that is happening in the world, I aspire as a Festival Founder to help families stay active and in tune with the arts. I have seen through my other festivals how cinema makes people feel -energized and enriched. They love to be entertained and enchanted. Going to the movies provides audiences with an escape from the evils in our country. Moreover, many have been at home and losing hope, and I wish to motivate so very many to move from their couches and get back into cinemas.

Recently, my partner and myself visited Oshkosh to look at locations to host my main film festival, Art is Alive. We came across a dynamic array of different venues, along with some sensational residents. I felt comfortable, and heard by the town locals that they would welcome life going back to the basics. Hence, here I am, attempting to bring art to Oshkosh.

I will be showcasing a total of 18 films over a span of two days, along with a workshop on acting and screenwriting. I will be offering this event as both a live and virtual offering.

Best Short Film
Best Feature Film
Best Screenplay
Best Actor
Best Actress

Film submissions must not have any distribution deals, be available online, or be available for purchase from acceptance into the festival and through the run of the film festival.

Films of a taboo nature (incest, porn, highly sexual or abuse of animals or children) are not accepted.

We do not accept rough cuts or work in progress.

All international films submitted must have English subtitles.

You may submit to Friends of Oshkosh Film Festival while having submitted to other festivals.

We accept films in the following categories: Romance, Sci Fi, Horror, Animated, Youth, Comedy, Documentary, International, and LGBT. Films 5-30 minutes in length are considered shorts; 35-90 minutes are features. Films longer than a run time of 90 minutes will not be accepted.

All filmmakers must secure any and all necessary licenses or permits associated with showing said film.

Youths wishing to submit films must fall within the age bracket of 10-17. All content must be created and filmed solely by said filmmaker.

If selected, all filmmakers must consent to allow films to be screened live, as well as via a live stream, during their screening time at the festival.

No refunds are to be given on entry fees.