Established in 2016, FreshPitch Factual Content Conference is an event focusing on fresh ideas and solutions for factual content making and distributing in and for Mainland China.

By integrating Chinese market with top international industry resources, FreshPitch invites innovators and change makers to update creative storytelling, new technological implementations, media convergence, and cross-border cooperation. FreshPitch also engages in interpersonal communications and social networking with an inspiring, international, and professional agenda.

FreshPitch has five sessions:

Pitch Session: Factual content filmmakers present their projects to decision makers and attendees, followed by decision makers’ debriefing and comments. Golden, Silver, and Bronze Awards are presented to pitches that are scored by decision makers. The People’s Choice Award is chosen by all attendees. Sponsors’ awards, accolades, scholarships, and other bursaries are issued to particular pitches and filmmakers. Pitch makers discuss with decision makers face to face through One-on-one Meeting.

Fresh Media Lab: Cooperating with IDFA Doc Lab, the Fresh Media Lab presents inspiring works on immersive, virtual, and augmented reality, interactive or non-liner storytelling, data visualization, and AI implementations.

Fresh Buzz: Cooperating with World Congress for Science and Factual Producers (WCSFP), Fresh Buzz share news and cutting edge information in factual content with attendees both in and outside China.

Social Engagement: Large amounts of factual contents engage in public topics, social effects, and changes. This session integrates partners from public funds, media, NGO, charities, enterprises and celebrities to enhance the social effects of factual contents.

Fresh Doc Producers Project: The session focuses on emerging talents training and professional development.

All sessions include keynotes, dialogues, forums, screenings, showcases and other creative communication.

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