Greetings All,

Freak Con Canada is heading into our first year of operation and our City of choice to host this great event will be Mississauga, Ontario Canada. We are a Horror, Action, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Mystery and Grind House, Convention and Film Festival. We are one of a kind to hit Ontario Canada. In regards to combining a Convention with a Film Festival of such genre's. We are excited about the potential growth this event can bring to our actor's actresses, directors alike. Along with our home grown talent and businesses.

We our delighted to announce on July 6th from 12 PM-5 PM will be our convention part of the event where you will be able to meet some of the brightest actors, actresses, artists, stunt men and women that this industry has to offer. As well some of our great exhibitors that will be selling their awesome products related to the industry.

On July 6th from 7 PM- July 7th 11:59 PM we will be screening some of the best emerging talents in these genre's both from Canada as well International talents.

So if you are into Blood, Gore, Violence, Boobs in the cinema art form this is your event of choice!

Come Join us and lets make this a success annual event to hit Canada!

Thank you and we wish you all the very best!

David Parsons
Organizing Director Freak Con Canada Film Festival


Please Note: All Awards will be granted a Medal and or an Award for their work. Furthermore the BEST CATEGORY FILM and BEST FILM will be Awarded $500 in cash prizes each. All Awards will be voted on by the viewership of the Film Festival via Social Media @Twitter Polls.

Freak Con Canada Film Festival
July 6th-7th
Royal Canadian Legion Mississauga
456 Hensall Circle
Mississauga ON
L5A 1X7

The above address is this years hosting event venue. Please see below for our rules of submission along with the terms of agreement to submit your cinema project to us.

1.0 We only accept Feature Length Films and Short Films.
1.1 We only accept Genres of Horror, Action, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Grind House and Mystery
1. 2 All Short Films must be at least 15 minutes in length and no longer than 25 minutes in length.
1.3 All Feature films must be at least 90 minutes in length and no longer than 150 minutes in length.
1.4 All films both Canadian and Internationally must be in English and or subtitled to English.
1.5 All films must be completed, scored and edited.
1. 6 All films must submit a private Youtube Link or Viemo Link along with password.
1.7 All films will be accepted only if their film can premier in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. We are looking for original concepts and if your film has premiered in another Festival in the Region this may be a conflict of interests for us. "Can't been shown in Mississauga".
1.8 All films submitted via postal, please note Canada Post is on rotating strikes and may be slightly delayed in receiving your submissions. Furthermore please submit your screener along with a brief synopsis of your film along with a finished cover art for your film so we have a general idea of the quality of film you are submitting. Your Screener should be a regular disc and in HD. If selected we will then give further guidelines on what disc we may need in order to project.
1.9 Please own all the rights to your film in order to submit the film. We may ask for the documentation if accepted into the festival.
1.10 Please own the rights for music and or have an agreement to the rights to score the music.
1.11 All films will pay a submission fee.
1.12 All films will be on a submission deadline and will have to meet these deadlines in order to submit.

Terms Of Conditions:

All filmmakers, producers and distributors, agents must follow these guidelines. We are a professional film festival in our first year and expect the same professionalism from you all.

If selected you will be contacted by the date that is listed. If you are not selected we will notify you in that time as well. We will furthermore do our best to give you reasons of why your project was selected to our film festival and or why we think your film failed the selection process. We are fans of cinema from Festival Organizers all the way to you guys the content creators and we believe you should know why no matter what and maybe give some pointers out to help you along the way.

As mentioned we are a professional Convention and Film Festival and we are not a Non For Profit film festival. This is an industry and as a industry it is a business and we believe if running a business you should do so 100% all in!

There will be no refunds.

If selected we will ask for all the proper model, actress, actors releases, marketing material in order to promote your film with in Mississauga.

You can contact us via our website, and social media links for any questions or concerns you may have.

We are a two person operation at the moment and will take a little bit to view your content. You are more then welcome to e-mail us to see if we have received your content and we will further keep you in the loop from there.