The goal of the Franklin Flicks is to promote and celebrate filmmakers and actors of all backgrounds who bring forth short films of all themes. It is a short film online festival. Representing a wide range of genres and forms, including documentary, drama, comedy, action, animation,, the festival aims to promote filmmakers in the film industry across the world—, including the United States, North America, and overseas. By showcasing these works of art, we hope to inspire all those who love filmmaking and to encourage aspiring actors and filmmakers. We will inform for which festival it has been selected.

Additionally, FCIFF has a special category for the following:
Women Filmmakers & Film's by anyone that fall in the Latino, Hispanic, African, Asian, and American Indian category, present films that bring forth themes from those cultures. This is a special category, where we encourage 80% of films that fall in this category.

We will screen films online on our popular sites - 3 short films per month

Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Post Production
Best Film of the year
Best Screenplay
Best Director

Certificates will be awarded to winners


"if your film is on youtube, netflix, Amazon, or any other site for sale, we will not screen your movie at our festival. Your film should have completed in 2014 or later. This film festival is an opportunity for filmmakers who do not have any other avenue to showcase their films besides film festivals, additionally, your film must not screen within 100 miles of our location as soon as your film is a chosen film until the festival is over. If we notice any of the above, we will not screen your film and take it off our Agenda for the festival screening"

• We DOES NOT pay screening fee or travel for the filmmakers

• We accept films of all genres

Once you send us your film this agree that you have

1. Clearance of Rights

We need
2.. Synopsis of Summary in English

• The producers or authorized person names agrees that excerpts of the film can be broadcast on the festival website or any

other publication for promotion purpose only, and the authorized person or producer gives permission to Founders/Directors

of FCIFF to screen this movie at the film festival. You are still the owner of it; we have only the rights to screen in North Carolina.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you for selecting, awarding and showcasing my flower photography at your festival. I will highly recommend to fellow nature photographer to participate and share their hard work. Looking forward to next year event too... Good wishes and all the best to FCIFF Team.

    April 2018
  • Jaret Martino

    5 STARS! As an artist, I create projects that make a difference and shed light on subject matters deserving of more attention from society and from the filmmaking community. We are thrilled that the judges at Franklin County International Film Festival recognized the importance of including our film STRONGER THAN PRETTY! It's such an honor! This festival is organized and communicative, and I plan to submit all my upcoming films to this wonderful platform! Thanks so much!

    April 2018
  • Kirby Wright

    Good Folks running this Festival, very pleased to have entered in the Photography category and win First Place. Keep up the Great Work!

    March 2018
  • Pierre GAFFIÉ

    Indeed a very good festival. Though I couldn't fly from France and attend personnaly (for the film "The dolphin skin city"), our US representant was there and enjoyed the fetsival very much. Lots of good films, a nice atmosphere, and a well-made communication. Thanks to the festival's team ! (and thanks to the jury for the prize the film received :)

    May 2017
  • This was a great film festival for amateur local filmmakers who are just getting into it. I highly recommend it for them. It's a small venue, but they do a have red carpet experience, and also good networking. They had drinks snacks and pizza for lunch. I wish them the best of luck with their festival, great staff members to!

    April 2017
    6511179 orig
    Response from festival:

    Thank you JD Mayo. We enjoyed your wonderful work. Wish you the very best.