Frank Part 1

Meet Frank... the neighbor you didn't know you had.

  • Niccolò Ratto
  • Judith Gaasendam
    MUA / Stylist
  • Franco Ratto
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Artist Biography

Niccolò Ratto, born in Genoa on June 21, 1985, from a young age shows an intense passion for “stories” (especially the more disturbing and horrific ones) which motivates him to try and analyze the different ways of storytelling. He begins with cinema and photography, and trough self-teaching he takes his first steps into the world of the analog image, following by writing and studying the great classics. In 2005, to improve his skills, he enrolled at the International Academy of Fine Arts and Sciences (L'Aquila), where in 2009 he graduated with honors cum laude and achieved the title of "Mass Media Expert". Over the years, he continues his path of continuous research and experimentation of communication languages by traveling through Europe, constantly in the midst of abstractionist fascination and compulsive figuratism. In these years, writing becomes more and more fundamental for his professional growth. A strongly methodical approach combined with innate eclecticism allows him to go beyond form and means, thus consolidating the learned techniques and reinforcing his aesthetic perception of the image, with the ultimate purpose of telling stories.

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