Born in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, Fran Blackwood has spent most of his life residing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A prolific song writer, multi-instrumentalist, and accomplished stage performer, Fran has written and recorded several albums, as well as performing alongside various national music acts.
His love of animation merged with his passion for music, when he began making music videos for his various projects. In 2009, Fran made the video short "Code Brown". Combining different animation technics, and a comedic approach, "Code Brown" served as a learning device for his next project.
After considering a few different concepts, preproduction for "Nosferatu Re-Animated" started in 2010. To attain the credit, Written, Directed, Re-Animated, Edited, Scored, Recorded, and Performed by, Fran worked tirelessly for thousands of hours to complete the movie. In 2018, postproduction for "Nosferatu Re-Animated" finished in the spring.
Fran is currently focusing on bringing "Nosferatu Re-Animated" to a wide-spread audience through festivals and a Bluray release.
Birth City
Sault Sainte Marie
Current City
Sault Sainte Marie
Sault Sainte Marie
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