This festival offers an opportunity for anyone to submit a 5 minute horror short. Films chosen will be screened as part of a horror showcase for the debut of Gone Where the Goblins Go, a film based on a work by Appalachian author William Bitner.

Thirteen shorts will be chosen for the screening. Three cash prizes will be awarded for the top three films, first place receiving $150 UDS, second $75 USD, third $50 USD. Film makers do not have to be present to win, but attendance is encouraged.

Submissions should not be shorter than three minutes or longer than five minutes. Submissions should fit somehow under the umbrella of the horror genre. Music videos, animation, documentaries, mocumentarys, etc are viable categories for submissions.

Overall Rating
  • The team at Foundry are awesome and they have big plans on the horizon. This festival was super fun, great communication, awesome venue.

    October 2022