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Found in the Fjords

Found in the Fjords is an interactive story VR experience where you'll see firsthand how the orca of the North Atlantic are adapting to a changing ocean and changing planet. For 20 minutes you will become a juvenile orca experiencing your first winter in Norway's Arctic fjords as you learn how to navigate the threats and opportunities brought by the annual winter herring run and others competing for its rich bounty.

Through a story with a unique body-swapping twist, we hope to inspire people to be both human and orca in their decision making. The game also ends with a commitment to a next action that relates to sustainability.

All the game's assets are created based off of actual GPS, photographic, video, and audio data collected while on a research expedition in the Arctic by the three creators of this project.

Found in the Fjords aims to release by the end of this year, starting with support for Meta Oculus Quest 2.

Watch the behind the scenes: https://www.youtube.com/@foundinthefjords

  • Tiffany Duong
  • Tiffany Duong
  • Carol Cotton Blickenstorfer
    Key Cast
    "Zodiac Driver"
  • Ashley Bugge
    Key Cast
    "Orca Mother"
  • Izzy Bugge
    Key Cast
  • Paola Marignani
    Key Cast
  • Kate Larkin
    Key Cast
  • Louise Edwards
    Lead Artists
  • Aya Walraven
    Technical Director
  • Aya Walraven
    Sound Design
  • Louise Edwards
    Project Lead
  • Project Type:
    Virtual Reality, Game, Interactive Film, 360 Video
  • Genres:
    Education, Environment, Ocean Conservation, Interactive, Marine Science, SDGs
  • Minimum Runtime:
    30 minutes
  • Maximum Runtime:
    1 hour
  • Average Runtime:
    45 minutes
  • Variable Runtime Details:
    There are several portions of the VR experience where the player can freely explore or float around. They can take as much time as they wish.
  • Completion Date:
    December 31, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    45,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
  • The Art of Movie Making Film Festival
    New York
    United States
    July 9, 2023
    Best Sound Effects, Best Use of New Technology
Director Biography

The Found in the Fjords team met in November 2022 as part of an all-women expedition to Norway’s Arctic fjords to study - through art and science - the impacts of a changing climate on Arctic ecosystems and communities. They bonded quickly and deeply and are excited to work together to share this life-changing experience through the medium of VR.

Dr Louise Edwards is the team lead, developer and 3D artist for Found in the Fjords. She is a scientist, educator and VR designer/developer based in the Rocky Mountains of western Canada. She specializes in creating immersive and interactive experiences that help people develop a relationship with the Earth and the scientific literacy required to engage with the modern world.

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