Fotogramma d'Oro Short Film Festival
51th edition

Messina 22 – 25 may 2019 Cinema Multisala Apollo
Rules Deadline: monday 4 february 2019

The “Federazione Nazionale Cinevideoautori (F.N.C.) (Italy)” in collaboration with the cultural association “Proposizione Scenica”, the “Cinema Multisala Apollo”, the Psychoanalytic Laboratory “Vicolo Cicala”, “Sicilian Forks” organises in Messina the 51th edition of “FOTOGRAMMA D’ORO SHORT FILM FESTIVAL”, dedicated to the memory of the actor Adolfo Celi from Messina.

Official and special prizes
The juries may award the following official prizes:
1. 1st prize - Fotogramma d’Oro and a cheque or cache of €500,00 (Fivehundred euros);
2. 2nd prize – Fotogramma d’Argento;
3. 3rd prize – Fotogramma di Bronzo;
4. Fotogramma d’Oro “Trinakrios” to the best shortfilm, shot in Sicily by an author born in Sicily and/or who lives and works in Sicily;
5. Fotogramma d’Oro “Campus”, assigned by the Campus Jury composed by university students;
Special prizes:
6. Best First Short Film;
7. Best Unpublished Short Film;
8. Best Short Film using unconventional resources;
9. Best Actress;
10. Best Actor;
11. Best Animation Film;
12. Best Documentary;
13. FNC Special Prize assigned by Federazione Nazionale Cinevideoautori.

Rules of participation: The competition is reserved to short films made in any format also with unconventional resources, by Italian or foreign authors without commercial purposes from 2017 onwards. Each competitor can participate with no more than two (2) works.
Will be accepted all kind of works in terms of types and genres and free theme, whose length should not exceed preferably 20 minutes and which haven’t been presented in previous editions of Fotogramma d’Oro. Authors are responsible for the contents of their works. First works and unpublished works, must be specified in the application form “APPFORM2019”. The submission on an unpublished work, EXCLUDE the possibility to submit the same to another Festival until the end of “Fotogramma d’Oro Short Film Festival”.
Subtitles. The works in a foreign language (not Italian), must be necessarily subtitled in Italian language, the works in italian language, must be subtitled in English language, under penalty of exclusion.Ways to attend the Festival.
Send by email to
1. the application form “APPFORM2019” in (.xlsx) format (mandatory);
2. a printed and signed copy of “APPFORM2019” (mandatory);
3. the payment receipt (€ 30,00 or $ 36,00) (mandatory);
4. the short film file (*) (mandatory);
5. movie’s pictures (at least 4) (mandatory);
6. director picture (mandatory);
7. movie poster (optional);
8. trailer (optional).
The form “APPFORM 2019” MUST BE COMPLETED in each part, filling out all the mandatory fields, for each submitted film!

Another way to attend the Festival are the International Platforms like “FilmFreeway” or similar. In this case you can do everything inside the platform except for the points (5,6,7,8), then you must send at least 4 pictures of the film and one picture of the director, it’s possible to send other pictures of the film as you like.
Ways to pay.
a) Cash by mail;
b) Bank Transfer to IBAN: IT87A0329601000064213494, BIC: FIBKITMM payable to Francesco Coglitore and as payment description “FOTORO2019” and the surname of the Director;
c) Paypal to;
d) Inside the submission platform.

Amount to pay.
a) For each film (€ 30,00 or $ 36,00) - F.N.C. associated for free, please write your Cineclub name;
b) Amount shown in the submission platform.

F.N.C. undertakes to issue regular receipt of payment.
Ways to send the Short Films.
• The short film, with subtitles embedded, must be sent using platforms like “wetransfer” or similars to the email address;
• sending by mail a DVD(*) with the movie, writing on the case the name of the movie and the name of the the director. The mail address where to send the Short Film is Francesco Coglitore, Contrada Cartesiano S.P. 51 Km 2,500 Villaggio Salice I-98154 Messina (Italy);
• Inside the submission platform.

(*) Technical notes: Any DVDs sent, must be intended only as “container” for the short film file, not as DVD format. The short film file, must have the following requirements: CODEC (XviD / DivX - MPEG-4 – H.264) – FORMATI (MKV – MP4)

The shipment is borne by the sender, who assumes all responsibility for loss, damage or theft.
All the material received will not be returned and the works will be part of the video library of Fotogramma d’Oro Short Film Festival, to be used for educational purposes, research or study and not for profit.

The Artistic Direction will publish on the institutional FNC website,, selections of the works using the personal data, information, photos and trailers, sent by the author or attached to the registration form (APPFORM2019).

All competitors will be able to know, at any time, the situation of the competition using the addresses below.

Only the winners will be contacted by phone or e-mail.

The judgments expressed by the selection committee and by the juries are unquestionable.

The participation in the competition implies unconditional acceptance of this regulation (FOTORORULES2019) and the attachment (APPFORM2019).

The Direction of the Festival reserves to decide on what is not expressly provided by this Regulation.

The Direction reserves the possibility to modify the dates, the duration, the place and the programming of the Festival, giving timely communication to the participants.The works in compliance with the inscription, will be selected by an experts commission. The selected works then will be handed to the Juries for the final evaluation.
The authors of the works admitted to the Final Phase, will receive communication by email and they must send to the Festival Secretariat the film in DCP format.

Non-observance of the regulation will result in exclusion from the Festival.

Part of this document the attached file: “APPFORM2019” a spreadsheet in xlsx format.
Messina, 24th November 2018

The undersigned fully accept the rules contained inside the document “FOTORORULES2019” of the 51st edition of the “Fotogramma d’Oro Short Film Festival 2019”, authorises the projection of the aforementioned film during the event and its archiving in the video library of the “Fotogramma d’Oro” held by the “Federazione Nazionale Cinevideoautori” (F.N.C.), also authorises the further use of the aforementioned film only for cultural, research, study and dissemination purposes in the context of initiatives organized in collaboration with the F.N.C.. The undersigned, in addition, in accordance with the laws in force on privacy, expresses his consent for the processing of personal data reported in the document “APPFORM2019” with the modalities and for the purposes closely related to the “Fotogramma d’Oro Short Film Festival” and authorizes also the partial publication of the data contained in the document “APPFORM2019” and in any annexes, on the catalogue of the event, on the press and the internet and social networks.
You can find the documents "FOTORULES2019" and "APPFORM2019" to the following link:

Overall Rating
  • azad jannati

    I'm honored that my short animation has nominated in Fotogramma!

    June 2019
  • Iván Sáinz-Pardo

    Very nice Festival with very nice people in the great organization.

    December 2018
    Response from festival:

    For us it was a great pleasure to host Ivan, great Director and great person. We hope to see you soon and watch another your wonderful film. Thanks Ivan!

  • Aslı Tokman

    At the festival great quality short films were screened and awarded. Very organised event with opportunity to discuss with critics and other directors and crew of films screened. A big thanks to the festival committee.

    June 2018
    Response from festival:

    Hello Asli, thanks for the excellent evaluation of the festival. Your words gratify us and confirm the commitment we have made in organizing the Festival. Compatibly with the modest economic resources, we tried to create an atmosphere of sharing betveen our guests (the directors) and our city also creating spaces for discussion and dialogue between the directors themselves, critics and public. Thanks Asli and goodbye with your new short work. Francesco

  • Really nice people and great festival, didn´t had the pleasure to attend but the communication was always great.

    June 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Emiliano, we are pleased to read your words which are the result of a work especially aimed at an effective communication with the directors. We are waiting for you at the next edition of the Festival. Best regards Francesco

  • I did not receive a certificated of finalist.

    June 2018