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    Rock-a-die-baby, Injun, Lycanthrope, Nearly Departed, animals, Blood Sweat and Bullets
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    Clayton's Riders, Nearly Departed, Yucca Man!,
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Writer Biography - Bob Cook, Jordan Rivers

An award-winning screenwriter and poet, Jordan Rivers has been writing all her life and turned professional in 1988 with the publishing of her first book The Brentwood Witches in mass market paperback by Ace Books of The Berkeley Publishing Group in New York. Since then she has gone on to publish four more books on Amazon and other eBook retailers. In fiction she has two historical romances, one present day thriller, a re- release of The Brentwood Witches under the title of Witches' Eve as well as one non- fiction based on the death of her eldest son serving in the U.S. Army's 101st. Airborne Mechanized Unit.
As a screenwriter she has written and sold over ten scripts of every genre; ghosted and script doctored both books, screenplays and teleplays. She has written scripts for Miami Vice, Cheers, Beauty and the Beast, The John Larroquette Show, Hunter and Star Trek TNG.
After attending Broadcasting and Film at San Jose City College, she branched out as a writer, director and producer of industrial teaching videos; music videos for up-and- coming singers and rock groups; radio commercials for Golden Corral Restaurants and S&M Cleaning Services.
She was chosen by The Mothers' Milk Bank of Santa Clara County write, direct and produce a documentary to educate doctors, hospitals, new mothers and others the value of mother's milk for saving the lives of pre-mature babies.
Jordan then pulled off her first Claymation animation film called POTATO SALAD about a wayward potato salad that "comes alive" at a picnic and eats up all the food before scaring the human picnickers off. Unfortunately for the newly spawned creature, the potato salad is carted away by ants to the tune, "On the River Kwai”.
Her next adventure was pulling together a feature length western called CLAYTON'S RIDERS with horses, guns, bullets, actors, costumes - the works! - for just five hundred dollars which landed her on the Internet Movie Data Base ( This "professionals only" website is used by all of Hollywood to check on the credits of people working in the industry.
A sci-fi comedy spoof called YUCCA MAN! was next on the agenda. This would be an homage to every monster movie made since the 1950s. Jordan's plan was to use this as a test case to figure out how much the cost of the special effects would be if Jordan and her team did the effects themselves, thereby saving investors money and keeping the shooting costs down. These would be old fashioned effects such as rubber masks, foundation molds and tricks of the trade that are not often seen since the creation of CGI

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I started writing for fun when I was a kid but I didn't get serious about publishing until my 20s. After taking film and broadcasting in college I felt I'd found my true calling. I now write, direct and produce ultra low budget movies. I've won two awards for my scripts; editors choice for poetry and I'm published in paperback as well as on Amazon Kindle.