The YMMIFF seeks to introduce a wide range of international cinema to Northern Canada by featuring exceptional films from around the world as well as locally produced films. Each year features the main film festival as well as the 48hr Film Challenge where filmmakers have 48-hours to write, direct and edit a short film that contains special elements.

We are constantly looking for collaboration and feedback when it comes to our festival. If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions; please contact us at We look forward to delivering a creative, entertaining and inspiring experience.

Best Short under 45 minutes
Best Feature over 45 minutes
Best Music Video, Webisode, or Animated Short
Best Director
Best Performance
Wood Buffalo Spirit Award

Best 48h Film
Best 48h Film Performance
Best 48h Film Director

By submitting a film, entrant hereby acknowledge they having read and understood these Official Rules and Regulations for The Fort McMurray International Film Festival.

Filmmakers hereby release the Festival, its Officers, Directors and representatives, from any and all claims rising in any way from the submission of material. Materials submitted to the YMMiFF may be used as promotional material in part or in whole for future Fort McMurray Film Festivals.

For a film to be nominated for an award, it must be both an "official entry" and an "official selection," having paid the submission fee. The term "official selection" may also refer to both Competitive and Non-Competitive films selected to play at the YMMiFF. The YMMiFF shall provide submission waivers at the sole discretion of the Organizers. Films that have been granted waivers shall be considered non-competitive entries and not eligible for award nominations.

The YMMiFF shall make a best effort to screen selected films in the intended "Screener" format in their entirety but are not responsible for corrupted source files or issues arising from a film not provided to The YMMiFF in the outlined recommended Screener format/encoding.

Filmmakers may submit "Work in progress" versions of their films for consideration. If a "Work in progress" film is selected, the filmmaker must provide a "Final Version" of their film prior to The YMMiFF assigned deadline to become an "Official Selection". The YMMiFF reserves the right to disqualify a film if the "Final Version" differs too greatly from the "Work in progress" at their sole discretion.

Overall Rating
  • Gavin Hopkins

    Really well-organised festival! A pleasure to be a part of it.

    January 2019
  • We're always excited when we get clients into Fort McMurray. This film festival really respects filmmakers. Communication is genuine and sincere. They really know their stuff and it shows through their organisation skills.

    November 2018
  • Brock Pennie

    We had a blast attending and showcasing our TV Pilot. The organizers put on a terrific festival.

    November 2018
  • Great festival, thank you from the cast and crew of Calm In Chaos.

    November 2018
  • A great film festival in Alberta in which the organizers genuinely care about the filmmakers. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

    November 2018