Aspiring writer and type A personality, Grace Morris puts her life on hold to take care of her father Henry who suffers from dementia. With the help of a quirky waitress named Agnes, she recreates memories from her childhood to help Henry hold on. She soon realizes that he is not the only one who needs a reminder of what's really important. Surprise visits from her high school crush Jack and her distant sister Margaret only complicate things. As Grace grapples with some hard truths about herself and her family, can she finally learn to let go and allow her own life to blossom?

  • Kayla Romanowski
    Disillusioned, Fortuity, Unattainable
  • Caitlin Stedman
  • Kayla Romanowski
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Writer Biography - Kayla Romanowski

Kayla is a small-town screenwriter, author, and director from Upstate New York. She has written several screenplays, short stories, and poems. She was a staff writer for the Saratoga Springs International Film Festival in 2016. Since then, she has entered many of her screenplays into competitions and film festivals all over the world, including her Award-Winning drama-thriller Disillusionment and experimental short script, Fortuity. She is known for writing dramas and psychological thrillers but is slowly breaking into other genres including romance, horror and science fiction. She devotes her time to reading, writing, and studying screenplays and films.

When she is not writing, she works at an Art Museum and volunteers her time as a Script Reader and Film Screener for various film festivals. Also, she loves to spends her days with her biggest supporter and fan, her husband Matthew and their quirky cat , Libby

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Writer Statement

Forget-Me-Nots is unique in that it explores depression and dementia in an inter-generational way. These mental illnesses are not often portrayed through the lens of an entire family unit. In this story, we get to see how these all-encompassing, deeply nuanced illnesses shape the lives of our characters and their relationships over time.

The story creatively tackles the freedom and fear associated with being in your late twenties. Our protagonist is navigating naivety and maturity while putting her life on hold to care for her ailing father. This is a very specific and poignant place to be and the film explores every corner of her experience with sensitivity and depth.