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The Foresight Filmfestival, as indicated by the name, presents short films with a future vision.

It is the first science-vision festival that invites visionaries from research, film making, media, and society to imagine our life in about ten or fifteen years and to discuss the questions of “How do we want to live? How will we live?”. It is also the opportunity to take a look into the future - from the technological possibilities on the one hand and society’s needs one the other hand - and to begin developing concrete visions to shape the future together.
In this way, the short films reveal trends and societal challenges; they might be an early warning, show the potential of already started projects or reveal an idea pool for future projects and research processes.
In light of the nature of exponentially growing technological development (keywords: digital revolution, second modernity, industry 4.0) and its effect on all areas of life, it is becoming clear that many questions still remain unanswered and that it requires the continual understanding of society to know where all of this should lead. It is not enough for science and society to brainstorm together, it is imperative that they communicate.
This is the purpose of Foresight Filmfestival. It serves in particular as a contemporary instrument of dialogue because, after all, nobody can tell the future.
The Foresight Filmfestival subscribes to this purpose. Researchers, scientists, and project developers can take the opportunity to advertise their work and discuss their interests; not, however, without the corrective assistance of film makers, artists and media representatives to lend this project more focus on the perspective of the greater societal interest. Creative minds will be offered a platform for sharing their vision of how technology should develop and affect our lives in the next ten to twenty years; not, of course, without scientifically substantiating this vision in clips that should be a minimum of thirty seconds and a maximum of fifteen minutes long.

Competition Categories 2017:
1. Foresight Update
2. City, Country, Interspace

Steps for a successful submission:

1. Complete the online form on our website: (german version:
In case you miss to complete that form, unfortunately your short film will be disqualified


2. Submit your short film via filmfreeway (and please also complete the form there).

All movies must meet the following requirements to take part in this competition:

Before submitting your short film, please make sure that your plot is about the future / has a future vision.

Format: The Clips should be a minimum of thirty seconds and a maximum of fifteen minutes long.

Please double check the exact length of your movie/file, including opening credits, closing credits, bumpers, etc. and submit in the appropriate category or else your movie may be disqualified if improperly submitted.

The entrant/submitter/moviemaker certifies that they possess the right(s) and all of the proper clearances to submit the movie, including, but not limited to image rights, talent releases, soundtrack and/or source music releases; and assumes all responsibility for their material.

For further information about the festival and its substantive focus, please read the description above and our category description.

Overall Rating
  • Olha Hdulia

    Even with all my troubles that met me on my way to festival, I've found very warm welcome. Thanks to all of you guys and espesially for Agnes Fischer who paid a lot of attention to me.

    I saw movies of other participants and I am very proud of being among them!

    November 2017