Few cities can lay claim to such a rich, diverse and fascinating history as Foça. Foça International Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Documentary Film Days (‘Foça Film Days’) was started in an effort to help promote the region’s unique history and natural setting to new audiences around the world through a program of documentary film that is as rich, diverse and fascinating as the town itself.

Now in its third year, Foça Film Day showcases archaeology and cultural heritage not only from Foça, but from throughout Turkey and around the world. The event aims to help raise awareness about the importance of heritage conservation, promote multiculturalism and inter-cultural understanding, and encourage sustainable tourism. It further aims to encourage filmmakers in documenting world heritage.

During Foça Film Days, documentary films are screened at the Reha Midilli Cultural Centre before an audience made up of local residents and tourists from throughout Turkey and abroad. This year’s film program will be preceded by a series of workshops/master classes and a round-table discussion especially for documentary film directors/producers. In addition to three full days of documentary films, the program includes talks with participating directors and archaeologists, live performances, exhibits, and tours of the local excavations and historical town centre led by archaeologists and volunteers. All activities are free and open to the public

For further information, go to our web site www.focafilmdays.org, or email us at focafilmdays@gmail.com.

Foça Film Days is accepting submissions of DOCUMENTARY films that introduce to the public important examples of archaeological and cultural heritage from Turkey and around the world; help raise awareness about the importance of heritage conservation; and encourage sustainable tourism.

This year’s program is being organized around the central theme “Leading Ladies: The Legacy of Puduhepa.” The theme was inspired by three of the leading ladies in Anatolian history: Puduhepa, the Hittite queen who signed the world’s first peace treaty, the 13th-century B.C. Kadesh Agreement between the Hittite’s and the Egyptians; Kybele, the Anatolian mother goddess, whose shrines were an early feature of Foça’s cultural landscape; and Athena, the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, to whom Phokaia’s largest temple was dedicated. In making their selections, the organizers aim to highlight unique contributions made by pioneering women in all cultural spheres, including documentary film. The organizers are especially interested in films exploring women and archaeology and films that will appeal to young audiences.

Submitted films should be between 5-35 minutes in length and have been completed after 31 December 2010. Films should be in .mov or .mp4 format, and entries in languages other than Turkish or English must include subtitles in English or Turkish. Please note that if your film is accepted, you will be required to supply an .srt file in English in order for your film to be screened.

All films will be screened at the Reha Midilli Cultural Centre in Foça, Izmir. Excerpts of these films may be used by the event organisers for educational and promotional purposes. All decisions by the organisers regarding the program are final. By submitting your film, you attest to the fact that you own the rights to the film you are submitting and you agree to these conditions.

Overall Rating
  • B.A.N None

    how can we get list of winners?

    November 2019
    Response from festival:

    No competition - no winners - everyone's a winner :-)

  • Linda McDonald Cairns

    Thank you Foça Film Days Festival. We had a fantastic time and you looked after the filmmakers so well. Set in the stunning Aegean costal town Foça, you felt this festival audience were cultured and supportive of all the filmmakers. Great for networking too.

    November 2019
    Response from festival:

    We're glad you enjoyed yourself here in Foça - and we were happy to have you along with your film!
    Keep up the good work :-)

  • Tânia Prates

    For professional reasons it was not possible to be present, but the team was always very professional, attentive and dedicated. I'm very grateful <3

    November 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks, Tania.
    By the way, the audience at Foça Film Days loved your film. It may have been only 5 minutes, but I think it got more applause per minute than any film in the festival!
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Raju Hittalamani

    One of my film was selected, I could not attend the festival personally but loved their clear communication in every aspect related to the screening and festival.
    Wishing you all the best for next one.

    November 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks, Raju.
    We enjoyed screening your film, too!

  • i know this festival was for 3th but they are working very good

    October 2019