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Fly Light by CHRIS KAZ

A photo shoot in a forest fire brings the ghosts of war to this realm through the lens of the camera.

  • Christopher Steven Kazolides
  • Christopher Steven Kazolides
  • Robert Heppell
  • Tom Woolley
    Camera Man
  • Christopher Steven Kazolides
  • Christopher Steven Kazolides
    Key Cast
    "Main Subject Anonymous "
  • Alex Wurfel
    Key Cast
    "model 1"
  • Ugne Valenciute
    Key Cast
    "Model 2"
  • Martyna Smulkyte
    Key Cast
    "model 3"
  • Zsanett Kukucska
    Key Cast
    "model 4"
  • Millie waite
    Key Cast
    "model 5"
  • Irina Ostroukhova
    Key Cast
    "model 6"
  • Oluwatoyin Orimoloye
    Key Cast
    "model 7"
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Music Video
  • Genres:
    Fantasy, Experimental, Soul, Future, Live Performance, Performance Art, 3D, Graphics, CGI, Fashion, Underground, Art Film, Short, Avante Garde
  • Runtime:
    4 minutes 12 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 9, 2020
  • Production Budget:
    15,000 GBP
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Country of Filming:
    United Kingdom
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Christopher Steven Kazolides

Chris Kaz moves in otherworldly frequencies.
On 'Unlearn', his 2022 project, the recording artist, filmmaker, actor and musical 
polymath transcends the current realm over 12 tracks. From the outset, 
hallucinogenic rhythms melt into warped harmonics, psychedelic keys and
 colossal bass-driven, futuristic beats begging to be played at thundering
 decibels in a sweat-soaked, underground London joint.

He plunges into crystalline synths, melancholic G minors, and dark soul
 behind the boards as producer, engineer, composer and sound designer. As vocalist, Kaz provokes all who embark on his
 sonic journey to elevate their minds and 'Unlearn' what they know.
 Swerving from humanitarian injustice, heartbreak, loss, extraterrestrials to the general apathetic
 sluggishness we've all been in danger of succumbing to.
All whilst-boldly exposing his own emotions and experiences.
Born and raised in London, half Greek Cypriot and half English Sri
Lankan, Chris Kaz began intertwining his bloodline's sonic aesthetic within
 his own art and music from early.

"My cultural lineage plays a part in how I compose and create music. I
 have a meditative aspect to my work, which definitely comes from Sri Lanka
 and my mother's side of the family. There are percussion elements and 
chanting from there as well and my father's bloodline who are like
 warrior/gladiator types with these big hearts. So you could say my 
expressive and emotional side comes from that."

As a kid, Kaz embraced his innate magnetism for music and knack for
 rhythm and blues by training as a classical pianist first. Then tampered electronic music production over
 his 10-year trajectory with house, dubstep, drum and bass, soul, jazz, techno,
 hip hop and beyond. Off the back of honing such diverse abilities, Kaz gained traction as a fine
 artist, painter, and filmmaker at Uni. However, his fiercely experimental 
nature and disinterest to stick to boundaries, principles, and structures or 
fit into a template led to Kaz's time institutions as being short-lived.

At 25, Chris set up his production and film company COPI Media and
 launched his own label CUJO Records out of the aim to put on shows and gigs around London and house a collective of artists who wanted to do the same.
But soon after, his position as label head transformed into the creative director, musical director and artistic director. "I hadn't made music since I
was about 19 years old. One day, an artist I was working with turned around 
and said "Damn, man. Why aren't you making music yourself? Why don't you
 start singing again?" 
Shifting directions, Kaz inked a deal with Ministry of Sound and released his
 first single 'Loving Squarel'. A string of additional tracks followed on Ministry
 by his dance alias " Boofi '' and then Dean Bryce at Ninja Tune called him in for production. He locked down his first gig at
 333 Mother Bar in Shoreditch thanks to Enzo Tedeschi and the Napoli
 imprint No Attitude Records who also signed him. But his unstoppable 
independent streak wouldn't be silenced, and Kaz decided to step away.

Fuelled by a fresh focus to build his own brand he began posting on 
Instagram and not long after caught the attention of Brooklyn-based
 producer and Grammy winning team The 83rd (who'd previously remixed
 Missy Elliot, Mariah Carey and Tinashe among others).
During their stint together the duo put out their collaborative EP 'Sleeping 
Fires' featuring the critically lauded single 'Save Us' (newly remastered and
 reissued on 'Unlearn'). Followed up by a remix package thanks to a sizable
 contribution from The 83rd. So huge in fact that it propelled Kaz to pack up
Out on his own, Kaz put pen to paper and laid his emotions bare on his
 darkly delicate and ethereal single ‘Track 01’ He tackled the stereotypes 
towards men who might be afraid to express their own battles with personal
 demons, heartbreak and loss. And despite tearing into his own pain,
 confesses that lyrically the music took form like an out of body experience.
 When pressed to sum up his production process, he describes "I start with a
 loop in my head, and it exacerbates in my mind until I put it into something 
tangible in the studio. Much like the lyrics, It can come from a tone I'm 
experimenting with, a story, a poem, from a mood or a channel to something I can't explain."

He clocked co-signs for the visceral work from the likes of Complex, VICE, 
BBC Radio 1, off the back of premiering the first track off the unreleased LP 'Untold' on i-D. All this led him to link up with Sam Whitehouse.

Perth Records founders Sam Whitehouse, Jose Mendez and Andy West (formerly of XL
 Recordings and Young Turks) had worked with phenomenal artists such as 
Sampha and Arca and came with a slew of artistically mad and gifted 
musical geniuses. Alongside East London club kids and LGBT creatives
 who were unafraid of kicking down doors, Kaz's affinity for squat parties, their parties at Berghain, Berlin 
and large raves was reignited. As well as the path to his final resting place at 
Perth Records illuminated.

With his sonic aesthetic firing at maximal levels, Kaz put out his hugely 
hyped project 'Reprobate' as a quarantine album and love letter to the
 2020 pandemic. He took over the imprint from Whitehouse as label
 owner and carved into his fast-approaching and
 most progressive project to date 'Unlearn' backed by fellow 
multi-hyphenated contemporary artist and manager and friend GAIKA.
 " If 'Reprobate' articulates the current pandemic and what a society in
desperate need of upheaval and change looks and feels like - then Unlearn 
is the answer to how we all ascend from it."

Produced, engineered by Chris Kaz, featuring his vocals and all else.
 Over the course of the album, Kaz explores his fascination with Asian 
harmonics throughout as well as UFO's, A.I. and extraterrestrials on 
'Understood.'  He offers some respite on 'Scumbag' for jilted creatives due to
 the current state of the world who need to kick back on the couch, smoke 
weed and unravel their next step - and the video for which, features Kaz
 doing exactly that which was released for a limited, exclusive time on "Juno Daily".
As a self-confessed hoarder of samples, Chris Kaz admits he dove deep into
 his hard drive and resurrected pieces to warp, reinvent and use in different
 ways. 'Save Us'  gets a reworked second spin on 'Unlearn' when we all need 
it most, building towards opulent and hypnotic outros such as Thousand
 Hands, Chimes Blue and the exquisite Broader League.

Kaz might be on a meteoric trajectory and high off the hype of the upcoming release and unquestionably his most self-assured work but he's only just 
begun to flex what himself as an artist and Perth is capable of as a collective.
 He waxes lyrical about dream collaborations with Nicholas Jarr or Thom
e Yorke, then beams at the potential of live gigs, plans to get heavier into film, his own gallery show, as well as
 launching a festival with Perth's growing roster.

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Director Statement

Supernatural things happen within the fire.
All things come to one element under the blazing scorch of the Universe and its primal creation.

This piece is a supernatural attempt and representation of the dimensions and how I perceive it through a dream state.
Within this an occurrence takes place of subject matter and that within the not physical realm, the 3rd dimension, brought to the viewer as the chants of war and harmony birth it to existence.