Fly High!

Ben Perez -- a normal, Mexican 15-year-old boy, has lived with his parents on a farm all his life, but when a huge corporate company manages to buy their property, moving in with his cousins isn’t exactly easy. His cousin, Preston, isn’t the most exciting primo, and only wants to be popular, and unfortunately, Ben’s peers at school aren’t too fond of him either. But, one day, during school, when an unexpected chemical spills all over Ben, it changes his life forever. Ben is now known as Jet, the hero of his city, with only Preston knowing his true identity, promising each other to keep it a secret. However, when one of Ben’s peers, Jane, accidentally leaks his identity online, Preston is the opposite of pleased. As his jealousy over Ben conquers him, and his hunger for fame and likability grows, he decides to get powers of his own. How will this brawl end up? With broken friendships, jealous peers, and humor, the musical “Fly High!” presents an extraordinary story of how everyone should matter, and be cared about no matter what.

  • Isabella Silva
  • Project Type:
    Student, Screenplay
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Writer Biography - Isabella Silva

Isabella has been an avid writer throughout her life whether it be writing plays to do with her friends, constructing original screenplays, or even creating songs. Some of her work can be seen on her Roblox YouTube Channel, Director Melody, in Roblox Mini movies she wrote the script to, or in the videos of famous YouTubers: CoxoSparkle and BaconHair Originals. In total, all of the videos she's written scripts for have gained over 3 million views.

Her latest project is "Fly High! The Musical" -- a pop-rock musical that follows the story of Ben as he moves to Chicago and navigates his new life in the city while simultaneously having to deal with his newfound abilities. This project is a demonstration of Isabella's song-writing abilities as it contains 13 original songs she wrote by herself in her bedroom and produced in Logic Pro. The musical also contains an over 130-page script in the format of a Musical Movie Screenplay, along with 6 different and dynamic characters. After almost 3 years of working on this project, Fly High! is just about ready to share with the world as a cast is found and the concept album is currently in production.

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