Flow Affair

Music is my Inspiration ... Flagging is my Meditation ~
an inside look into the New York City, San Francisco and Chicago
Flag, Fan, Poi and Floguing Dance Scenes.
Flagging originated in the New York City gay leather bars in the late 1970's.

  • Wolfgang Busch
  • Wolfgang Busch
  • Wolfgang Busch
  • Xavier Caylor
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    1 hour 21 minutes
  • Production Budget:
    5,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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    United States
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Director Biography - Wolfgang Busch

Wolfgang Busch, biography

Wolfgang is an advocate, artistic and social activist for the Gay community and a visionary for many communities, an award winning director and editor, and an inspirational motivator for people from all walks of life.

His Arts in Education programs are used in the classrooms by professors and teachers, student studies and thesis and he lectures artistic empowerment and HIV awareness at America’s most prestigious universities; Yale, NYU, Oberlin Detroit Mercy and Sarah Lawrence College. He also held screenings, as well as lectures, at many AIDS and Youth organizations, Latino Commission on AIDS, The Door, YES Youth Programs, and the Harvey Milk High School in New York City. In addition, Wolf has lectured at many community based institutions across the country.

He worked at the largest Musicians Union in New York City, the Local 802, managing the Rock R&B committee with a membership of 1200. For 10 years he was employed as a booking agent and club promoter at New York Cities World Famous Limelight, Palladium, The Tunnel, Danceteria and the China Club. Moreover, Wolf started his video career at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, creating New York New Rock, which was a public access TV show for 10 years, promoting local musicians and grass root arts organizations.

Wolfgang also worked for many corporate clients such as General Electric, Citibank, the Island of Bermuda, Spirit Airlines, JP Morgan, Lincoln Center, Norwegian Cruise Line, Hunter Douglas, LaMega Radio, NYC & Company, IBM and Sandals Resorts creating promotional pitch videos.

Wolfgang was hired by the NY/NJ Soccer Association to create a video of Charley Stillitano, voted the Man of the Year for running the Meadowlands Stadium during the Soccer World Cup in 1994.

During his entertainment years he worked with many music legends, such as Tito Puente, bassist Pete Way, of the UK rock band UFO, GWAR, Nina Hagen, Melba Moore, Willi Ninja and Robin Trower, to name a few,

His art in education training was with the Sister City Program, sponsored by the NY City Mayors office and the United Nations, and Jack Herman from the Department of Education in New York City.

Wolf has held several board position: Team NY, Rock R&B Committee, OutMusic, Tuesday Night Bowling, All Out Arts, MetroBears and was on the advisory board at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network and at C. Virginia Field, Manhattan Boro President.

Wolfgang’s first self released humanitarian award winning documentary “How Do I Look” can be seen at international film festivals. This truly amazing Arts in Education Documentary has inspired fashion designer Marc Jacobs, Mo Nique, from the TV show “The Parkers,” and Randy Jones, the original Cowboy from the Village People.

His most recent documentaries are: “A True Lesson In Humanity a documentary about the disabled artistic population, “Flow Affair” about the LGBT flag, fan, poi and floguing dance art form and “Immigrants”, all to be released within the next year.

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Director Statement

Wolfgang Busch

- DJ Amadeus playing International Unsigned Bands at: Cat Club, Hot Rod, Woody's, 6 Bond Street Cafe, Club Avenue One, China Club, The Mission, Sanctuary, 308 Bar, 1989
- Rock Bits And Pieces Fanzine, 1989
- Rock Seminars, Educational Seminars at 308 Bar, 1989
- New York New Rock TV, 1990
- New Music Directory, Unsigned Bands from New York City, 1990
- demo Rock Magazine, The Network Magazine For Unsigned American Rock Bands, 1990
- New York Promoters League, NYC Club Promoters raining Funds for local charities, 1994
- New York New Rock, not for profit, 1994
- H.O.P.E. (House Of Performing Empowerment), Artistic, social and health programs for the LGBT Ballroom community, 2002
- Art From The Heart Films, Historic LGBT Art Documentaries, 2006
- Floguing Dance, Flagging + Voguing = Floguing, bringing together the two dance forms that originated in the gay community, voguing from Harlem and the ballroom community and flagging from the leather community in the west village. The Floguing Dance can be seen in his second documentary “Flow Affair”, 2006
- Imaginary Eyes Art Exhibit, LGBT painters from 9 countries, 2012
- The House Ball Historic and Cultural Institute, ballroom empowerment and education, 2013
- First International Ballroom Convention for the House Ball community, 2014
- The Reformers, an organization of LGBT Activists, 2014

- Rock Seminars for the Rock R&B committee at Local 802, Musicians Union, 1985 -1986
- New York New Rock Concert Day; Local 802, Musicians Union, Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park with a proclamation by New York City Mayor Ed Koch, June 6th, 1986
- P.U.R.E., Promoters United For Rocking Events, raising funds for local charities at Limelight club, 1989
- What's Up Rock, radio show for College Radio for local and international bands, 1988
- London; New Wave, Industrial and Indie Dance Party at 20/20 club, 1991
- H.A.R.D. Hype Alternative Radical Dance party at Palladium, 1992
- Arcanum, Alternative Rock Dance Party at Club 58, 1992
- Tronik, Industrial Dance Party at Danceteria, 1993
- Tronik, Industrial Dance Party at Downtime, 1994
- X*TREME, Music Industry Party, 1994
- Mr. Metrobear, 1999
- Outmusic, Open Mic at C-Note, 2000
- Outmusic Awards, 2001

The First
- Puerto Rican Day Parade, live internet streaming
- Court Reporter developing audio recordings for depositions for attorney Gary Lesch

Documentary / Video Awards
Producer / Director / Cinematography / Editing
- Humanitarian Award & Best Documentary for How Do I Look documentary, Historic Art Film
- Communicator Award for NY / Tokyo Youth Baseball Sister City Exchange Program, sponsored by the United Nations and the City of New York, 1998.
- Performance Literature Award for “How Do I Look” from the Stonewall Society, 2004

Souls of New York, Emmy Winning series for PBS for Sterling Films

Assistant Cinematographer
DraCo Award for the MTV music video for the band "Sum" for MTV's 120 Minutes TV show, 1989.

Ace Award for Live Audio for the TV show "Gospel Today",1996.

Theater Production Awards
- Mikie Award for Sound at the Pines Arts Project Theater on Fire Island, NY, 1999.
- Mikie Award for Lighting Design at the Pines Arts Project Theater on Fire Island, NY, 1999.
- Mikie Award for Sound at the Arts Project of Cherry Grove on Fire Island, NY, 1999.
- Mikie Award for Lighting Design at the Arts Project of Cherry Grove on Fire Island, NY, 1999.

Community Awards and Rewards
- Volunteer of the Year Award from the LGBT Community Center in New York City, 2004.
- Dedicated Service Award from the Metropolitan Community Athletic Association of New York (MCAANY)
- Appreciation Award from the House of Omni, 2000, 2003 and 2014
- “I Had A Dream” Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award, 2015
- Best Documentary Award for the LGBT Historic Art Film “How Do I Look”, 2007
- Humanitarian Award for the LGBT Historic Art Film “How Do I Look”, 2008
- Communicator Award for NY/Tokyo Youth Baseball Exchange Program documentary, 1996
- Icon Award from Our Youth, 2008

Media Sponsors
East Coast Rocker, The Splatter Effect, The Music Paper, Downtown, Good Times, The Village Voice, The Angle, Aquarian, Sound Attitide, HX, GBM News,

New York Times
H.A.R.D. dance party at Palladium, 1992
Art In Review, How Do I Look documentary, work in progress, 2003

Book Listing
Award Winning Men, featuring Wolfgang Busch, by Ed Karvoski Jr., published 2002

Recording/Licensing Deals
- Jimmy Lifton, "I'm A Man", 36 on Billboard chart to Bellaphone Records Germany, 1986
- Barbara Powell, "Ammazzonn", Bellaphone Records Germany, 1986
- Jasmin,
- Bad Boys Blue,