Hey there and welcome to the Flint Short Film Freakout!

This will be a one day LIVE film fest focusing on short form horror films.
We will be presenting three prizes to the best films.

We are looking for films 25minutes or less in length.
Give us weird, give us freaky, give us strange.
We're into it.

While this is our first festival under this banner we have been involved in other festivals and are passionate about short horror and look forward to checking out your work. With your help we're gonna add a little more weird to Flint, Michigan!

Films will be played to an in-person crowd at Flint's historic all-ages punk club the Flint Local 432 where fans will get to see the films for no cost.

(The $1 cost is just so we don't get inundated with entries that don't fit our criteria).


First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Four Place

All movies must be your own or which you are under authority to submit.

Movies must be 25minutes or less in length.

Looking for horror films.
Weird. Strange. Dark. Yucky.

Must have digital copy of film to submit for us to show to a live audience.

Prizes will be awarded after festival.