Zhou Qing is a writer who runs a cultural company with his partner Sun Da. Despite the company's large size, it has incurred losses of over 30
million yuan in the past decade. When they are at a loss, a good news arrives from a movie company in Los Angeles, USA, who is interested in his work "Slave". Sun Da immediately goes to the United States, and the movie company promises to give them no less than ten million US dollars in remuneration, and hopes that Sun Da can take charge of and handle more things in this project. Meanwhile, Zhou Qing's wife Junjun is seeking a divorce, and his home is in a mess. His two children have no one to take care of them, and there is also an infringement incident in the company. Under the dual torture of family and work, Zhou Qing returns to his hometown and asks his mother to come and help take care of the children. He also hopes that his mother can persuade Junjun not to divorce. However, in reality, Zhou Qing has not returned to his hometown for 25 years, and all his childhood memories flood back as he returns.

  • Qing Han
  • Qing Han
  • Qing Han
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  • Runtime:
    34 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    May 1, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    50,000 USD
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Director Biography - Qing Han

Han Qing, engaged in planning and screenwriting for online movies and TV dramas, has organized the adaptation of TV dramas such as 'Shen Congwen' and 'Yellow River Family' (yet to be published).

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Director Statement

After love fades away, what else can we pursue? Perhaps it's a place of unrestricted freedom, or perhaps it's a belief that brings liberation. But what is it that holds us back? Is it the expectations of our parents? The inheritance of family lineage? The wife and children in a loveless marriage? Or is it the home we have but desperately want to escape from? The ultimate freedom may always be in the distance. And perhaps faith is the power that can set the soul free.