Far away from busy metropoles, between the majestic Caucasian mountains, on an imaginary line where East meets West we find Guli Dadiani - a 17 year old dancer, who just graduated from high school and is about to leave the town to study law.
Like a normal teenager she meets a boy and falls in love. But her dreams get distorted by the fact that Guli lives in a country torn by a civil war. She is not traumatized by it though. She manages to stay away from the conflict zones, and is used to lacking the simple stuff like electricity or running water. Even occasional shelling is seen as a part of life. What does bother her is the fact that she is being stalked by a notorious criminal, Edic. This man represents the absurdity of the patriarchic society, where he has total control over her life and at the same time seems to be the only person who can protect her in the country, where laws don’t apply anymore.
After tragic events that almost caused her death she is determined to escape her world and the power of her obsessed stalker. When Interpol offers her protection as a key witness against Edic, she makes a tough decision of cutting off her ties with friends and family, changing her identity, laying low, for a while. Staying too long in one place is dangerous, thus she is travelling from one European city to another. According to the Interpol agent Ben who travels with her it’s a temporary solution, because they are very close to catching Edic.
Unfortunately, the hunt for Edic takes longer than expected and Guli’s new identity takes over her life. Many years later she finds herself stuck in the life she was running away from. Having a child with a man she can never love, and not being able to leave him for several reasons, she accepts that someone else controls her life. At least this someone is not Edic!
Emotionally disconnected from reality, she lives a flatline, trying to avoid public places and people all together. The only thing that connects her with her past is her dance studio that she is running with her best friend Joyce.
It’s Joyce who now plays a crucial role in Guli’s journey to finding her heartbeat and taking her life back. Joyce doesn’t know about her past, but suspects Guli’s life isn’t what it looks like. Through Joyce Guli meets Jason. Coming from completely different worlds, they share the same story of obsession and stalking and fall in love with each other. His love and Joyce’s support help Guli to find the strength to fight for the life she wants to live, even if it means risking losing her son and bringing Jason in danger.
Her present and her past come together on the day she decides to leave her husband, take her child with her and return to her country...

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