Flashes of Fame

'Flashes of Fame” is a documentary that delves deep into the complex world of Indian paparazzi. This thought-provoking film sheds light on the often blurred boundaries between public interest, freedom of the press, and the fundamental right to privacy. Through the lens of paparazzi this documentary unravels the multifaceted dynamics of the Indian paparazzi culture. The film navigates the intriguing world of paparazzi, providing a glimpse into their high-pressure, competitive industry and the lengths they go to capture sensational moments. The documentary doesn't just focus on the negative aspects of paparazzi culture but also emphasizes the role of responsible journalism and the need for a balanced approach. This film serves as a powerful catalyst for discussions on the ethical responsibilities of both the media and the public, as it explores the human side of those behind the cameras and their relentless struggle.

  • Kuvira Rohra
    Kuvira Rohra at the age of 17 debuted as a director and held a production of Walter Wykes’ The Unwanted at Dafney Productions. Following which she assisted on four commercial theatre productions where her involvement was across the board with art, costume and workshops. These plays were staged across venues like the Jeff Goldberg Studio, Veda Factory and Dafney Productions. She’s well versed and an avid writer and director in the Bombay Theatre Scene. She’s assisted on an independent short film and a documentary campaign for HW News’s World Homeless Day broadcast. She has directed and written two successful commercial plays named “30 Plays in 60 Minutes” and “SMOOCH”. Besides this Kuvira is someone who’s always thinking about the world she wants to build through her stories whether it’s making theatre a lot more interactive for the audience or pushing boundaries through her upcoming films. This documentary film in specific was challenging for the entire group. We’ve tried our best to get the necessary information and highlight all that we could capture to the best of our abilities.
  • Sehaj Arora
    Sehaj Arora is a first year film student at Whistling Woods International. She aspires to be a Director and work in Screen play with the motivation to bring newer narratives to the Indian Film Industry. She has worked on two independent projects thus far, one being a Cultural documentary to learn and share more about her own culture as well as an opening sequence close to her heart. This being her first project in whistling woods she aspired to bring not only her own but her teams vision to life through communication and directing her team. In this experience, I learnt patience the most. Whether it was waiting on a call to go meet with the paparazzi, or waiting countless hours to interview them. This project is close to my heart as it has challenged my creative abilities and forced me to look beyond my own ideals to work well with my team mates. I throughly enjoyed working with my team and believe, the purpose we penned down on paper has manifested in our final output.
  • Mira Kumar
    Mira Kumar is a passionate filmmaking student at Whistling Woods that has always aspired to be in this industry. As her parents always guided her through this journey, she realised how much she loved doing this. As this documentary remains her first project as a producer, she definitely tried to get the best out of every team member. She had a specific vision and made sure to achieve that with the help of her entire team. She has been hands on with this project and aims to do the same for every upcoming one that she gets her way. Besides from being interested in producing, she also has an interest in direction. As she aspires to be good in both these fields, she definitely finds it important to go over narrations and script discussions. She finds her opinions to be different. This documentary in specific is extremely close to my heart as it’s the first film that i get to put out in Whistling Woods. To many more, better ones to come.
  • Neil Tewary
    Neil Tewary emerges as a vibrant presence in the world of filmmaking at Whistling Woods, driven by a profound passion for the industry. His cinematic journey, ignited by the guidance of his parents, showcases a genuine love for both filmmaking and producing. The debut documentary holds not just a professional milestone but a sentimental significance, marking Neil's initiation into the rich tapestry of storytelling. What sets Neil apart is not just his role as a producer but his deep commitment to extracting the best from his team. With a specific vision in mind, he weaves a collaborative atmosphere where creativity flourishes. As Neil embarks on this filmmaking odyssey, the documentary stands as a foundational stepping stone. It's not just a project; it's a testament to Neil's dedication and the beginning of what promises to be an exciting chapter in his creative endeavors. Here's to Neil Tewary and the multitude of captivating projects that undoubtedly await him in the future!
  • Sahana Madan
    Sahana Madan Mohan is a 17-year-old filmmaker interested in production design, cinematography, screenwriting, and editing. hey were the editor for their school and were in charge of making some of the posters and filming events in school. They are still exploring their interests as a filmmaker so they can finally discover their style. This film was their first official project and they learned a lot from it. They really felt that this movie was a good first step into their professional life and are grateful that they could be free and expressive while working on this film.
  • Mira Kumar
    Assistant Editor
  • Kuvira Rohra
  • Sehaj Arora
  • Yuvraj Veera
    At the age of 15, Yuvraj made his first ever short film, Qaid where he also became the world topper in media studies and got a 30% scholarship for his further studies. He has also acted and made a music video of his own. At WWI, yuvraj aims to specialise in cinematography and producing, along with learning more about music and music theory, as he can play the guitar and ukulele.
  • Yuvraj Veera
    Sound Design
  • Yashasvi Jain
    Her expertise in research and meticulously gathering and analysing information, formed the foundation of the narrative. Beyond contributing to the film's conceptualisation ,she also assisted the team with their needs. She aspires to excel in cinematography whilst exploring other aspects of filmmaking, bringing a unique blend of research-driven insights and creative flair. This journey marks the convergence of her real-world experience in crafting compelling visual narratives.
  • Project Type:
  • Completion Date:
    November 7, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    0 USD
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
    English, Hindi
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Whistling Woods International
Director - Kuvira Rohra, Sehaj Arora